Hannah: Radiating Sweetness, Gentleness, Fearlessness & BIG-heartedness

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

November 5, 2020

Sweet as honey

Gentle as a dove

Fearless as a lioness

BIG-hearted as the universe!

That’s who you are, our dear Hannah!

A lovely & powerful Creation of Love & Light, having her wishes coming TRUE!

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A precious daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a daughter-in-law and a great friend to many.

I should say that seeing her grow in the hands of her great parents was both a gift & a privilege.

I can still vividly hear her little voice (at the age of 5) telling me “Tita Duj, ipadala raw si Joseph sa amin kay bantayan ni Mommy at Ate Joy2. (Tita Duj, you may bring Joseph to our place so mom & Ate Joy2 can take care of him.)

Who would have thought? Both born in 1988, 8 months apart

That was a time where our youngest was just two months old and the the two house-helps were “fired’ for valid reasons. Such times are still treasured, on how our lives have been intertwined since the 80’s. We used to live together as neighbors, for three times.

In her younger years, I had seen Hannah grow into a sweet, strong & independent little girl who made her way with boy neighbors-our four sons and her own brother Micah.

CTTO: Hannah here with James (to her right), her neighbors and friends in church

Hannah was part of the first Grade 4 class of Southpoint School while I handled the first Grade 3 class, having the newcomer-turned-best-friend (of her) Stephanie.

As years rolled on, we had not heard from each other as they transferred to Cebu.

Then one day, my late hubby mentioned with a very delighted face, that he met Hannah & noticed how beautiful she has grown. I guess she was still in college that time.

Then in year 2010, after years of not meeting the family, I dreamed of her mom- Melanie. Days after the dream, Mel’s invitation on Fb came as a pleasant surprise!

Their first visit to our home after many years made my heart leap with great joy as I welcomed the whole family.

Time brought them together…again, after years of not seeing each other

The REconnection did begin.

We were then invited for a back to back celebration of Hannah’s college graduation and her mom’s birthday.

Then that fateful day came when she went to SPS to give me the pasalubong (from Cebu) of her mom for me.

Upon seeing Hannah, Sir Ernie Abella invited her to join an overnight Teachers’ Training in Malagos.

Hence, her work in Southpoint School as school nurse and teacher began, with the blessing of her parents.

It was in year 2011 in Cebu (after our Graduate School graduation treat by Melanie) that I asked her, musta na atong mga anak? I was referring to Hannah and James.

We didn’t discuss further as the circumstances were not that favorable yet and she was set for her flight back to Dubai.

Then things began to unfold. The universe truly conspired to what was received & conceived as a ‘revelation.”

James and Hannah’s relationship was formally announced. Their soul connection made way to the unfolding of many beautiful things.

School life was fun. The first international trip of the SPS admin & faculty was memorable as we enjoyed every step of the way including the loooong walks. It was worth our individual savings. I was more than glad that Hannah was able to join us, the year before she left to be with her mom.

At the HK Peak, Madame Tussaud’s & HK Park

After more than two years in SPS, Hannah was invited by her mom to work in UAE. The following year, James followed.

She used to drive fearlessly the busy, long & wide roads to & from one emirate to another.

She treats everyone with great respect but also shares truths from her heart. She has a way of expressing the truth without the fear of hurting others. She stands on what she believes and thinks is right.

After having worked for four years in UAE, Hannah & James decided to settle down.

She looked naturally pretty in her outfit during their “surprise” Shower & Stag Party. I had both of them (James & Hannah) plant Magkono seedlings.

Then their blessed UNION.

It was a well-planned coming together of families, relatives and friends with no less than PRRD Spokesperson (now DFA-USec) Ernesto c. Abella as officiating Minister with Ptr. Blaire Cuares. Such a great manifestation of love, peace and unity. The wedding ceremony was literally blessed with passing/visiting drizzles. Simultaneously & beautifully, the white umbrella give-aways were opened and closed shortly after the drizzles “congratulated” the newlyweds.

After more than a year, they were blessed by their first-born, the first Princess in the family, Kelsie Luana (a.k.a. Keona).

Hannah & James are more than happy to guide and direct this sweet & articulate in communication smart lass. They are both the first teachers of their daughter. Hannah makes sure that the toys she buys for Keo are educational. I love listening to their conversations.

Our dear Hannah exudes beauty, discipline and organizational skills. No wonder she’s been given the privilege (per recommendation also of her colleagues) to manage their department.

I lived with them in UAE for almost nine (9) months. It was a joy to have experienced James & Hannah’s generosity. The daily grind was more fun, allowing me to expand in many ways as well as relax from school work.

Years 2018 & 2020 separate visits to UAE

We enjoyed celebrating life together, birthdays, anniversaries & other holidays.

Hannah spearheading in planning family events.

This was during Melanie’s birthday celebration

As a mom, she has began training her daughter Keo as the latter joyfully volunteers to help on household chores.

Hannah’s big-heartedness in many ways has always been seen and felt over the years. We can all attest to that; her family, relatives, colleagues, in-laws, contemporaries and best friends.

She’s always quick to respond to whatever pressing needs that come. She moves with love and compassion to whatever situation that arises.

Countless times had I secretly adored her for all her note and praiseworthy acts. She quickly thinks of ways by which challenges are addressed, may it be on a personal or professional level.

Hannah cares deeply & sweetly for her dear friends like her very own sisters.

She is blessed to have two of them work in the same Emirate. They meet during their days off or on special occasions.

Credits to her parents and grandparents on both sides for such great character.

Was more than happy to say “Yes” to her request for me to facilitate her department mates’ Team building session last January 31-February 01, 2020. It was so timely also for my 56th birthday at Long Beach, Ras Alkhaimah, UAE.

Photo from Melanie’s Story

We celebrated her birthday in 2018 in The land of the Rising Sun. Such a beautiful time together with family and her relatives.

The smog-covered Mt. Fuji at our background
We celebrated lunch at a Chinese Restaurant in Japan

This year’s winter trip to Armenia in February was so cool & memorable. Hannah has always been organized in all her ways, even in arranging our itinerary. She was so right in choosing for my winter outfit (my first experience with snow).

Our Princess Keo wasn’t bothered by the temperature at all

The long holidays towards the end of July to early August was spent on a staycation in two venues. Was more than grateful that I had the privilege to spend it with them, (unknowingly) days before I went back to Davao.

She may be far from perfect as everyone is, but I cannot help but be reminded of the

Proverbs 31 Woman:

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value. She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life. She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. She is clothed with strength and dignity. Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who honors the Lord is to be praised. Honor her for all that her hands have done and let her works bring her praise.”

Continue to enjoy life with much Sweetness, Gentleness, Fearlessness and grateful BIG-heartedness as you celebrate another year on Planet Earth.

CTTO of this photo

🙏🌻🌻💫NAMASTE 💫🌻🌻🙏

Have a BLESSED BIRTHDAY with much love and appreciation,

Mommy Judith

Some photos grabbed from her FB acct.

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