Witty Pretty Story by the Daughters of the King of kings

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

August 23, 2019

I was supposed to join a mini-reunion at Alice Loghouse in Buda (last August 21-22) with my college batchmates & promised to tell them a Story.

But voila, I have to be in Manila for a school-related event.

Creativity then was unleashed.

I asked my classmates to send me their individual dreams.
Since the reunion theme was all about FAIRIES in Pajamas, I decided to connect the dreams of each one.

I was their VIRTUAL Storyteller.

Remember the Genie in the film Alladin who said
“Hohohoho, your WISH is my COMMAND”

As co-creators of our lives, let us choose what we think, believe, act & feeeeel as these become contributory FACTORS of our REALITIES.

“As within so without”
“As above so below”

As promised, here it is my dear witty & pretty ladies & ladies.

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