The Gift of TODAY

“Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a Mystery
TODAY is a Gift that’s why it’s called PRESENT”

How many times do I wonder
With all those moments I ponder
When things go yonder
I treasure you—Today

In my breaths
In my sighs
In my “Oh my! (s)”
I treasure you—Today

As I raise my hands
And offer my voice
It’s always a choice
I treasure you—Today

With all my presents
That life presents
There is one great presence…
I treasure you—Today

In the midst of pain
With all its gains
May it be war or on a peaceful plane
I treasure you—Today

I may not have everything I want
Some dreams may be far
Going beyond my reach
But I still choose to treasure you—Today

Who cares for things
Who needs all the riches
Who makes happy witches
Value the gift of—Today

You may be sorry yesterday
And worry tomorrow
Blend them together
And choose to make a happy day

I treasure everything & everyone you give
In my life here on earth as long as I breathe
You are forever—A GIFT

The greatest GIFT I give myself
And to be PRESENT
In every given moment of…TODAY

I remember my mom’s old classic song

“Today, while the blossom still clings to the vine
I taste your strawberries i drink your sweet wine
A million tomorrow shall all pass away
‘Er i forget all the JOY that is mine TODAY”

(May 14, 2020, Abu Dhabi)

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