Standing Strong & Tall Against All Odds

TREES speak so much of man’s journey.

At the onset of life, man continues to transcend & evolve with life’s seasons- may it be winter-spring-summer or fall.

In tropical countries like ours, we only have the dry & the wet seasons. Each season brings in its own strengths & vulnerabilities.

Over the past days by our hospital room window, I cannot help but appreciate this tree at the center.
Day in & day out it speaks to me, reminding me of life’s realities.
This tree looks different amongst the rest.
It looks unhealthy with lesser & paler leaves.

It has branches that look devastated & worn out.

Apparently, it must have gone through tough times.
What is most remarkable about it though is the LIFE it CONTINUES TO LIVE OUT regardless the season- it continues to stand the test of time.

My SALUTE to you tree for speaking vividly to me.

(My honest-to-goodness crying&down-hearted time led me to this short write up)

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Sheer Determination, Trusting in the Power of Dreams & Loving-Accepting-Believing in myself made me what I am today. I believe in the Purpose of my Life – to Inspire and bring Encouragement to people I am associating with.

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