Spring is HERE: Behold…our G4

SPRING gladdens our hearts as we behold the blooming of flowers here, there & everywhere.

Japan, Korea & many other countries that have four seasons are savoring the beauty of Sakura and other flowers in spring. The Philippines has more than enough varieties to be happy & proud of when it comes to flowers.

One flower is exceptionally & notably beautiful as it thrives & blooms in mud- the LOTUS. It’s not so much the surrounding, it’s the ESSENCE within that makes it grow-transmuting all the unlikely for its growth.

The BEAUTY of the blossoming flowers makes us realize that there is a Sovereign Creator who touches magically the flowers on earth, causing every petal, yes, petal after petal starts to unfurl with a big smile, bringing so much hope and beauty after the cold & gloomy winter.

Let me relate this to what I have read from my dear Buddy E’s FB post.

She got bruises early morning today, April 3, as she urgently responded to the 5:30 A.M loud siren of the garbage truck. She rushed out of her bed and tumbled down the pavement in carrying her 2-week stinking garbage with its weight overpowering her senior strength.

She was more than grateful though that a Good Samaritan from the 2nd floor of the building gave her a helping hand.

Thanks for sharing your experience Buddy. That gave me a signal to write this short blog. I pray that ALL IS WELL with you by now.

I SALUTE you for responding quickly to the “call” of the garbage collector. As the time has come for such collection, your immediate response cleared your dwelling place from the stinking 2-week garbage. You have paid the price though-face hematoma & body pains but it’s worth doing it. More importantly, your house was CLEARED from the foul-smelling accumulated trash.

Isn’t this AMAZING?

The way of clearing your house may not be that smooth but the result gave you such relief, happiness & fulfillment of being able to make it, singlehandedly,

On the same manner, we are individually & collectively called to CLEAR OUR LIVES FROM OLD WAYS & OLD TRASH & OLD PARADIGMS.

We are called to go back to our True Essence- the Divine in each of us has been calling us to build ourselves up so we can build others up too.

We are called to remain CALM, BE AT PEACE & REMAIN GRATEFUL & MINDFUL amidst this pandemic.

This can be done when we focus on what is good, what is right, what is just and true, overcoming fear & panic. We remind ourselves that our blessings outnumber the stars in the sky and the sand in the seas.

The sun continues to shine every day though others may not see it.

Another way to focus is by Silencing the mind thru MEDITATION. It helps us and protects us from the voices and noise bombarding us day in & day out. A way of clearing & REsetting our individual mind from the 50,000-70,000 average thoughts per day.

“Be STILL & know that I am God”

Hear ye hear ye, behold, I AM clearing the way…MAKING ALL THINGS NEW!


As Planet Earth is Healing & Blooming again, so should we.

The choice though is always and always…OURS.

It takes an open heart, open mind, open ears and open eyes to comprehend these things, beyond the natural & physical realm.

SPRING is indeed HERE- behold GOD…doing His Great, Grand & Gigantic Acts on Planet Earth.

Let’s welcome The Golden Age!

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