Thoughts on LEAVING

It’s another Tuesday, another ACIM (A Course in Miracles) night. I thought I was very late but to my utter surprise, it turned out otherwise. I went straight to our room accommodation only to find that it’s occupied, same with the other adjacent rooms.

I decided to go down and wait – without any form of worry nor care. After a period of waiting, we were ushered into a more spacious and more colorful space with curtains of green and lavender matched with avocado green chandeliers.  It was so perfect for the eleven of us.

Lesson 122 was read and discussed. The meaning may not really be so clear but as I went thru my reading, I was seeing and feeling a strong surge of energy going through each word.  The essence of our topic was beyond the words shared. It focused on FORGIVENESS. The shares revolved on going into the inner self-checking, the checking of the ego and all those stuff.

Suddenly, the topic shifted to ‘leaving.’ One story of leaving after the other. Our forms of leaving came in different facets. Regardless of the manner of leaving, we all knew that it means pain, giving up many things, leaving our comfort zone and the people that have been attached to us. This is where the law of non-attachment, letting go and letting God work.

After having gone at the back to check on my phone in the middle of our discussions, I headed straight to my seat but was taken aback of what I noticed…the mountain on the painting on the wall caught my attention. It spoke very well of INFINITE POSSIBILITIES ON THE OTHER SIDE…the seemingly hidden mountain.

Stricken by the awesomeness of the moment, I readily pointed out to the group the SITE of the MOUNTAIN across us. (You see myself (in our photo)  pointing out the mountain across on the wall painting). Confidently and enthusiastically, I told them that the universe is bringing us to a broader-better and brighter space as depicted by our room scenario.  It was picture perfect.

The following day, Wednesday, I received a blog (thru pm) from my spiritual father. He wrote it years ago. He rekindled his own experience of leaving his dwelling for 18 years.

The universe is always consistent on affirming and confirming what SHE is directing us to do. One is never lost when his/her time to go has come.

For me, I am more than excited with every thought of leaving my evening life for the past 6 years now. Teaching, interacting, listening, reading, reprimanding and all sorts of experiences as a college professor have greatly molded me of who I have become today. It has been a great privilege offered to me by our associate dean (as I was mentioned and recommended by a former dean) to teach and touch lives in my alma mater.

My evenings of exercise-walking up and down the 2nd-4th level to and from one building to the other and my intermingling with the different college students of my alma mater will surely be missed! But more than anything, my overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm fuel such anticipation of greater and better things ahead.

I feel the SPACIOUSNESS WITHIN (as termed by Eckhart Tolle – one great spiritual teacher). It is an indescribable feeling of knowing and not knowing. The more I say YES to the CALL, the more this ‘spaciousness’ expands!

Leaving is part and parcel of life’s journey.  Staying/working in a particular place and with particular people continues to unfold beautifully or at times, painstakingly.

How about you my dear friend, any experience of such kind?  Feel free to share and become a blessing!

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Sheer Determination, Trusting in the Power of Dreams & Loving-Accepting-Believing in myself made me what I am today. I believe in the Purpose of my Life – to Inspire and bring Encouragement to people I am associating with.

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