SILENCE Speaks the LOUDest

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

October 27, 2018

For six (6) long months, I have been silent here.

Great and countless things did happen in the past six months indeed…

First, I had the chance to visit & explore a bit UAE- Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It was a priceless gift as I was able to spend time with my 2nd son’s family and their princess.
There, my silence increasingly strengthened and directed my steps.

Second, hubby suffered for months and eventually transitioned in Bliss. The first three months thereafter was a seemingly unfathomable & immeasurable grief.

I cried a river that led me to surrender to the infinite ocean of love.

It was a time of surrender as I drifted in the unknown. Many were the times when I didn’t seem to know what to do, spaced out from time to time and tears continued to drown me deep down in the sea of sorrow.

As I allowed myself to go thru my experience in the dark, I knew very well that the Divine in me was always there, upholding and guiding me as I passed thru the valley of the shadow of death.

Third, with the succeeding experiences, I learned to surrender and let go. Joyful Gratitude has been embedded in my system as I continue to learn the art of non-attachment.

It has never been easy though.

Nevertheless, many times in my silence, I hear His still small voice.

Moving on, after six months of a rollercoaster of joy, grief and sorrow, that still small voice conspired the universe to bring me to ONE of my greatest heart’s DESIRES.

– At the writing of this, am hours away from the Land of the Rising Sun or as my dear friend and Herald says it-The Land of the Risen Son.
– As for you, why not take time right NOW to surrender to that SILENCE and experience the UNfolding of your deepest heart’s desires…

and Always leave room and be AMAZED by the Power of SILENCE.

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  1. Dolly Serranillo

    great insight


    I have always admired how peaceful, serene and noble she can become when untoward circumstances confront her. To say that CIRCUMSTANCES define the TRUE CHARACTER of a PERSON is right!
    She is at her best in all facets of life. May it be turbulent, placid, blissful moments, you can never see her grumpy nor angry! She offers you her tireless support, she inspires you with her positive outlook, she shows you all the beautiful possibilities everyone can explore and enjoy!
    Knowing her has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. She has been one of the persons who continue to inspire me.
    She has the highest hopes despite the deepest despair, she has the most genuine smile when all else turns gray, she sees the light in the darkest and gloomy moment, she has the strongest will when moments of uncertainty comes.
    So if you ask me who JUDITH BACARRO is? Get to know her yourself so you will see that I only speak the TRUTH!


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