On ROOTedness and FRUITfulness

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

October 25, 2017

Evolve or die!”

This is life’s natural flow… yet “Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed; but if it dies, IT BEARS MUCH FRUIT.”

The two quotes I just mentioned seem contradictorily confusing but amusing as well.

Death is part of evolution. Something has to die for evolution to take its natural course.  On the other hand, if one is stuck- death is bound to happen, in different forms.

Naturally though, one planted seed has the potential of bearing much fruits.

When we take a closer look at giant trees, we see all their gigantic features from the trunk to the branches – with their leaves, to their flowers and fruits as well.  We are so awed of their size, notwithstanding all the rigors they have surpassed over the years, the countless months of growing, toiling, moiling and crawling into the deep and the day-by-day growth brought about by the sunlight,  the rain and the tilling of the ground.

But wait, have we also counted the dying of seeds? They have to be covered underground. Many a time they are trodden-bearing all the pain of every weight …so lost and covered …in total darkness!

Is there life down there?

What is even more excruciating is that more often than not, a number of seeds on the ground seem to be forgotten.

But while some seeds die for varied reasons, there are also those that survive and flourish in the midst of challenges.

Those that make it are the ones that grow painstakingly through tough times – depending on the quality of soil they are planted in. Grounds vary as to aridity and humidity.  Barrenness with stones and/or thorns describe some, while other grounds are really good and fertile.

Seeds’  rootedness may be hampered at all costs – some survive while others eventually die.

On one account, I have personally observed a seed that ‘wandered’ on a thorny and rocky ground. I never had thought nor  hoped for it to flourish. But to my surprise surprise,  after a seemingly long time of struggling, the seed persistently made its way to the sun and rain in its most creative and resourceful way. Its growth may have been hampered and stunted at first but – LIFE WITHIN chose to grow – rooting down and becoming FRUITFUL.

The deeper its roots are, the stronger this tree has stood the test of time. Strong winds and rising waters tried to uproot it. It may have been shaken, nevertheless,  it stood tall – shrugging off the engulfing atrocities.

Trees are at times mysterious, just like us. Whatever we go through in life are also experienced by them. Times of pruning and cutting are even necessary for trees to grow beautifully and fruitfully, same with us.

I am deeply overwhelmed and awed to have realized the TRUTH about trees – depicting life itself as on the same manner, the  LIFE of LOVE WITHIN us makes us thrive through life’s ups and downs. Regardless of our external circumstances – that LIFE allows us to see beyond the surface level.  It takes our roots from our  CORE – the very Source – for us to move on…

to FRUITfulness.

Explicitly speaking, fruitfulness is Rootedness – our knowing of who we truly are. We are divine beings having earthly experiences. This truth  makes  us wake up to a life of  Abundance from scarcity; from pain to Gain; from sadness to Happiness; from darkness to Light; from smallness to GREATness and from barrenness to FRUITfulness.

This fruitfulness brings us to uncharted places;  devastated areas come to blossom.  It makes us laugh on life’s  travails; it elevates our feet on higher grounds- expanding our horizons thus,  allowing us to swim in the depth of wonderment.

Much more, as we allow ourselves  to be deeply rooted in love – the more we expand in fruitfulness as it  comes in different ways:  meeting people from all walks of life; touching lives – empowering the weak – affecting change; bringing individuals who are open  to learn and grow into an AWARENESS of  the grandiosity and the infinity of life’s possibilities.

One  sure path to fruitfulness is to be always rooted and grounded  by way of our BREATH. Inhaling and exhaling is an avenue to our Inner Sanctuary-our Core-our Life.

Subsequently, love, joy, peace, quiet and serenity can be instantly experienced! Our challenges and struggles may still continue to exist and yet,  it is this encompassing KNOWing  that life is a continuous flow, nothing stays forever. After all, “tough times won’t last but tough people do.” The deeper the roots the stronger one stands the tests of time.

Rootedness  sustains us to live a more significantly fruitful life.

This is why YOU and  I … ARE MEANT to live a life of FRUITfulness in our ROOTedness.

Hey, never  go the other way…but if you do, simply pause, go back to your ROOTS-your BREATH- the path to FRUITFULNESS.

How about you- can you resonate with the trees?

Feel free to share your insights on Rootedness and Fruitfulness.

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