“O death, where is Thy sting?”

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

April 14, 2017

I used to be scared when death becomes the subject of any conversation.
The thought of losing someone- makes me hate it more, to the extent of avoiding the subject.

It was in 1990 though that my perspective about death began to change. Our dad suffered for 3 months on his sickbed. He was purely skin & bone, can hardly stand nor do his personal thing.

But one thing was REMARKABLE about his experience as he was the bravest dying person I have ever seen and heard.

His “O death-where is thy sting” line continues to reverberate in my mind up until now. He showed us that there is really nothing to be scared about death as it is simply an ENTRANCE to a New Phase in life.

As our dad heard his older sister crying, he told her not to cry for himself, instead, pray for those who are alive to realize His Love and grace.

This shift of perspective was supported when I was given a Birthday Gift by Tay Ernie-my Spiritual father & PRRD’s spokesperson now.

Tich Naht Thanh-the author of Here and Now writes on the EQUAL IMPORTANCE of birth and death. Consequently, there is no death without birth nor is there birth without death.

This LINE of TRUTH reconnected me to one of my great friends when I served as emcee during her father’s burial years ago.

Whenever am asked to share during wakes/ funerals, this truth continues to ring with a resounding assurance.
This confirms His Word-” I am the Resurrection and the Life, he who believes in me will live though he dies.”

“Christ in me is to live, to die is to GAIN.” LIFE and death are of equal importance. What is there to be afraid of?

Share freely your thoughts about this subject.
You just don’t know how it may release you.

Let us walk in confidence whether here or there.
Happy Good FRIDAY.

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  1. Lord Vincent Van N. Mendoza

    I am no longer a slave of fear; I am a child of God.


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