Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

August 24, 2020

“I have the best seat”

“Everything is in Divine Order”

“Don’t be surprised how the universe moves once you’ve decided!”

“Nothing to fear, nothing to worry about, the universe has your back”

Ctto of this photo

These were the lines I dwelt as I waited for the perfect divine timing of my going home.

I was scheduled to fly back home from UAE to Davao City, Philippines last March 19, 2020 but the pandemic has been affecting flights globally.

After several months of lockdown in UAE, the agency tried several times to book for my flight but to no avail.

Frustrations & disappointments at times would try to knock me down but have to tell myself again & again, I HAVE THE BEST SEAT IN MY GOING HOME.

My youngest termed it as “PERFECT SEAT.”

Then my repatriation journey gave its best shot. Thanks to DFA-Philippines & Dubai. THANKS to DFA USec Ernesto Abella…will have a different blog on my repatriation journey)

As the repatriated team arrived in Manila via PAL flight no. PR 8569 on August 11, 2020 each of us began to settle in different hotels. The OFWs were given free accommodation while tourists like me had to choose our own hotel.

I opted for the nearest hotel to the airport as there were no public transport available except for taxi companies that were officially allowed by the local government due to Metro Manila’s MECQ from August 4-18, 2020.

After a NEGATIVE result in my first swab test for COVID-19, I was excitedly advised by my youngest to go to T2 of Manila airport to inquire for a sweeper flight…only to be told that sweeper flights are offered solely for OFWs.

Regular flights would yet resume on the 19th but it’s fully booked & the soonest would be on the 20th of August. I had one more option, take the 10K+ ticket price for Clark-Davao flight on the 14th of August, Travel Pass + a pricey taxi fare of P3,500.00.

I decided to sit down as I sought for guidance, inhaling wisdom & exhaling ambiguity.

Then a coastguard approached me like an angel giving an answer. “Ma’am, sa 16th pa po and resumption of issuing Travel Pass.” That was such a relief & off I went to book for the ‘soonest’ flight to Davao, on the 20th of August.

Back in the hotel, I requested to be transferred to another room for some reasons.

Had the chance to go to MOA for little additional grocery items like water, juice & milk to sustain me until my flight back to Davao. Thanks to Nay Melma for the company.

On the 14th of August, (barely had slept due to separation anxiety & the repacking of my two luggage until dawn, having a lit’l thought of “Am I going home soon? Why do my luggage look ready?) I was on my way down to buy breakfast when, my hotel mates (also from Davao & Tagum) on the same floor happily mentioned of a flight the following day.

I cant believe what I had heard. In less than an hour, my youngest Joseph enthusiastically booked me for the said flight back to Davao. Thanks for the wonders of technology.

I can’t seem to believe it… but it was happening. It’s way cheaper than my booked flight on the 20th!

Needless to say, the universe gave me a fast track. The following day, August 15 was filled with much excitement. At past 9 a.m., we’re already at the airport. Anticipating of our flight at 12:55 p.m. yet, my hotel mates & I thought of having lunch at the airport. To our little dismay, all food & souvenir stalls were closed. There was an unusual deafening silence at the airport.

Happiness & excitement of flying filled the air despite the odds surrounding us.

More than happy that Cebu Pac offered free biscuits & iced tea. I had my baon though courtesy of our dear Hannah.

Upon boarding, protocols were followed. The craft’s crew gave us their warm smiles & directed us to our respective seats. The cleanness of the craft was observed. Such a huge airbus for the sixty-six (66) of us.

What’s amazing was that I was literally ALONE on the prime seats. Thanks to Joseph for adding a few hundred pesos for such seat.

Beside me was my travel buddy “Tommy” having a seat of his own. (Thanks for such gift dear Hannah.)

Musing on such experience, I remember my Story on FB on August 13…”Hohohoho, your WISH is my COMMAND!”

It was a spur-of-the-moment post.

I was literally SMILING almost the whole duration of such flight —enjoying the cloud formations, SAVORing great favors from God & men.

Great thanks to newly-met friends Nanay Ruiz & Jennifer for such info about this flight.

The clouds spectacularly arrayed their beautiful formations, portraying the wonders of creations.

We departed from Manila before departure time & ARRIVED in Davao 45-minutes way ahead of our estimated time of arrival (ETA).

What an unforgettable delightful FLIGHT!

Am giving TWO THUMBS UP at isang masigabong PALAKPAK (resounding APPLAUSE) to Cebu PAC, its Captain & crew for flight BJG75K for our safe flight.

My BEST Flight (seat) indeed!

Mabuhay & more power to you Cebu Pac!

Finally, August 15, 2020 marked an important day in my life-back to my hometown in Davao City after being away for 263 days.

Guess what, synchronicities happen everywhere. My flight & facility mate is a Cebu Pac FA who’s also flown to Davao after months of lockdown in Manila & other international flights.

GREAThanks to my dear son James & wife Hannah for generously sustaining me throughout my stay with them & my going home back to Davao.

Another swab test result was released on the 16th of August, more than grateful for such.

My love and thanks to my biological, SPS, AMORE family & great Beloved kaPUSO at kaPAMILYA loving BEINGS who kept me in their prayers throughout my journey.

Cover Photo: Ctto

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  1. Agnes Mascariñas

    What a resounding testimony of the greatness and goodness of God and the intrumental people around you! It was indeed a grace filled arrival to your home sweet home. Welcome back !

  2. Abbi Naling

    What an amazing journey, beloved ❤️

    • Judith Bacarro

      My great thanks to you Beloved, you are part of it <3


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