Meditation and its Benefits

Has life bombarded you with all forms of concerns? I have great news for you… when everything seems to be in conflict and at war with each other, remember this..

“Peace comes from WITHIN, not from without.”

When life brings us joy and sadness; happiness and sorrow; ups and downs; birth and death and all its ordinariness and extremes, we cannot help but feel its grip.

This is where as individuals, we need to take care of ourselves. Food, water and other essentials would only come next  after considering our BREATH-our LIFE.

As life yields its hurly-burlies and at times presses us down a bit, we must but simply go back to our breath.  This is where meditation plays its basic role- bringing us back to ourselves.

Personal Meditation

Meditation or mindfulness has moved me into the realm of calmness and serenity.

As a school principal, college and graduate school  professor, president of an organization of private school  administrators; and at times leader in the Praise and Worship of AMORE Community Sunday Service,  I more often than not  congested with countless responsibilities.

This is where I usually wake up in the wee hours of the morning and simply enjoy times of silencing my weary mind.  At times I feel so tired that I go back to sleep.  I do not restrict myself with time though. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I  normally PAUSE for moments of silence.

During my break in the university as I teach part-time in the evening, I always take time to meditate with my barefoot kissing the ground.  I love spending it in a garden. Breathing in and breathing out with so much gratitude and appreciation keeps my mind from succumbing to worries and so much care and tiredness. This is one sustaining power that continues to keep me alive until my last class at 9:30 p.m. and as my co-professors say it, “you still look VIBRANT until evening despite your whole day work.”

Meditation at School

At Southpoint School in Davao City where I am the principal, we have started to introduce meditation-mindfulness to our teachers and students.

Our new teachers find it very beneficial.  They have learned to love themselves more and enjoy life individually and corporately. A number of our students have learned to practice it while some are still struggling like any other adult.

One 4th year HS group conducted a Thesis on Meditation and their findings showed that through meditation, the respondent-students have learned to focus and concentrate more on their studies. They have learned to become aware of their emotions, whether positive or negative. This spiritual exercise made them realize how precious and valuable each breath is. They have even become more and more mindful of the feelings of others.

One elementary school student even said that “heaven is not a place that I have to look forward to, it is here in my heart, as I meditate.”

Another one elementary student said “ I cannot hurt others, by doing so, I also hurt myself.”

On the last week of July, 2015, we have established our synchronized Meditation/Mindfulness. We  started playing music or guided meditation. After a week or two, we started silent meditation, without music nor any sound. The teachers and students remain in their respective classrooms, on sitting position, breathing in and breathing out gratitude, love, strength and wisdom.

Meditation is a continuous awareness of who we are, yielding peace, serenity, wisdom and more love for self and others, ALL COMING FROM WITHIN.

When God BREATHED Life into the nostril of Adam- he came to life.

Try this simple way of BEING with yourself – obtaining Peace that passeth all understanding there’s nothing to lose.

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