Magnificent Sister Joerna: A Tribute for her great Life

The first girl, the second in the family, a doting mom of three daughters and three grandchildren and a friend to many.

Yes, I’m referring to our older sister Joerna, fondly called Jheng/Jing. Aside from being our big sister, she has turned to be a “mom” to us-her five siblings when our very own mom transitioned in year 1990.

I miss being with her- this is the longest time so far of not seeing each other. She would love accommodating us in her spacious room. Her thoughtfulness and loving-kindness has always been commendably longed for. No wonder here daughters replicate her AWEsomely loving & caring personality

To have a little understanding of her life, please allow me to bring you back to memory lane.

Happy-go-lucky life.
Her HS years were full of fun & I was always a witness of how she lived a happy-go-lucky life. I was there when our mom would prepare a guava “whip” to give her lessons on her coming home late.
Late coming home turns into some loving & hugging our mom instead of giving her a whack! Her wit & cleverness in hugging & kissing our mom made all those “whips” forgotten.

A Drama artist.
She once came up with her story and script during a school program which made everyone cry and won the hearts of many. She was able to portray such role as it spoke of her very own life. The words were aptly spoken with all her heartfelt emotions. She was then branded as “Famas Awardee” after her successful portrayal.

A big-hearted People person.
She loves her family and she’s got a lot of friends. Her friends would range from all sizes and from all walks of life. She never runs out of creativity to extend any help she can.

Our Heroine.
Sister Jing would always come to my rescue when bullies in school seemed to annoy me during my elementary years. Same thing with our older brother. She would brave herself over seeming danger brought about by unlikely classmates or schoolmates. Her love overflows for each of us-her five siblings, even to her nephews and nieces.

She has suitors everywhere. Her boyfriends (one/or more than one (?) at a time) really pursued her. Fortunate enough was one bf-turned husband, Kuya Edward, whose handsomeness (matched with her beauty) has blessed my sister with three ravishing princesses, actually 4-but unfortunately, the 3rd only survived for nine (9) months.

A doting Mom.
Our sister is a great mother. Forever sketched in my my heart is her endless and unconditional love and devotion in keeping her three princesses intact. Despite all the challenges in the growing up years of her princesses, her prayers, worship, supplications and devotion to her Creator transformed her circumstances & realities.
Losing one of her daughters at a vey young age was truly heartbreaking. It was never easy. Consequently as she let go, her faith and trust in the Sovereignty of the Divine allowed her to receive another Gift, the fourth princess that gave her three grandchildren. Thanks Councilor Edgar Ibuyan Jr. for your beautiful kiddos that have gladdened the heart of the grandparents.

Sister Jing is also the second loving mom of my 4 princes. She would thoughtfully support my sons’ endeavors in every way.

Her existence has been a life of service. She unswervingly serves with a glad heart thru her cooking prowess-the Best Cook in the family. Wherever she goes, her love for cooking is always appreciated & commended.
Her grandchildren Elizabeth, Thirdy and Drew have been witnesses of such cooking spree and her committed service.

All her hard work’s indeed paid off as now she is experiencing abundance in many ways than one.

A Masseuse.
My sister is a great masseuse. There were times when my late hubby had physical challenges and she was always there for a great massage/hilot. In year 2018 (while I was out in UAE for a month), she was there for my hubby and sons.
Whenever am not feeling well, she would always find ways to be there for me, serving me in her own way.

A Fashion figure.
She definitely has a good taste in fashion. Mixing and matching colors and designs makes her stand out with her line of clothing and wardrobe. She loves matching hats, bags, scarves and foot wares too. Many admire her for her sense of good fashion even at her age.

Her life may have been far from perfect but her overflowing love continues to outweigh everything.

We may be miles, oceans and mountains apart but I feel her love for me.

Her 60th birthday celebration last year was hosted by our brother-Dr. Jonathan & me. It was a joyful jubilation attended by her HS friends and principal, relatives and friends. It was fun as the venue came as a surprise to her- courtesy of her beautiful and highly-creative daughters Liz Jazzie, Lyn Jeal & Leah Jule.

To you our dear great Sister Joerna, may your dreams for yourself, your family and others come to reality.


For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Happy 7th (61 *. 6+1= 7) BIRTHDAY with much LOVE.

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