Living on Purpose

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

April 26, 2017

As I tried to embrace and appreciate a huge Talisay tree by the side of the chapel during our mornin’ exercise, I can’t help but notice the scars, the wounds, the stabs, the strips and the whips and all the abuses of mankind that were and are continually and painstakingly endured by this humongous tree.

It has grown that big, regardless of its prevailing circumstances, for it to LIVE UP TO ITS PURPOSE….
providing free & ample supply of oxygen to the basketball players, the neighborhood and the churchgoers.
In addition, it relentlessly shares and exudes shade, beauty and brilliance, and perhaps, the dry and fallen twigs to some, are used as firewood.

Enchanted by its presence with the swaying of the branches and leaves, I cannot help but stand in AWE of the Creator’s craftsmanship and was reminded of my own Life Purpose.

What about you dear friend, have you come to know your life purpose?

You may ask “I don’t know what my life purpose is.”

We can talk…

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  1. Lyra Ko

    Ganda po mam.. Nakakapukaw ng isipan. Ano nga ba ang pakay natin dito sa mundo? Tanong na di mahanapan ng sagot basta lang ginagawa lang natin ang dapat nating gawin araw-araw with His guidance.

  2. Teresa Inez

    What a gorgeous tree! And so is it’s life’s purpose! And no.. I don’t think I know what my purpose yet!

  3. ana olivia r. labor

    Hi Judith, your write-up about the Talisay Tree or article on “Living on Purpose”, more importantly your life’s purpose perse, evidently draws inspiration to many….let’s continue to be an inspiration to others…God bless us all always…

  4. Elvie Adorador

    Hi tch Judith. Thank you for your time and prayer for our family. May we surpass this trial for no one knows God’s plan for each one of us. May we be able to live according to our Life’s purpose.


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