A Lit’l Tale of SUNflowers

“An Open Heart is an Open Mind”

In many, if not all schools, the month of March wraps up the school year’s activities, performances & achievements I simply call- ‘Crowning’ time.

Being confronted with Recognitions, Moving Up & Completion Rites in Southpoint School, together with other DAPRISA-member schools’ invitations & the computation & submission of students’ grades in my Alma Mater, I cannot help but feel to the bones some inner grrrrrinding.

So with a bit of exasperation for having many topics in mind for my speaking engagements, I have to pause from time to time and bring out sighs of TRUST in my innerself.

I decided to sit at our dining area…

Lo & behold, right before me smiled the happy bunch of SUNflowers on our dining table.

My mind began to go wild with such clarity on what these flowers remind us of:

Firstly, the sunflowers’ BEAUTY is simply noticeable & irresistible. The more exposed to the SUN, the more beautiful they become. They’re not afraid of the sun despite its other fierce functions.

In our lives, the sun serves us in many ways & brings life to humans, plants & all living creatures. It’s a great powerful Source of ENERGY.

So is EVERYONE – there’s such an indefatigable source of energy from DEEP WITHIN.
Its vibrant Yellow colour speaks of Hope as the SUN never rises nor sets.

Now let’s go back to the lovely sunflowers as they,

secondly, speak of BRILLIANCE!

The sun unceasingly shines although at times covered by clouds and rains.
In our most bleak, trying and dark times, let us never forget our unquestionable brilliance as reflected by the sunflowers.

Thirdly, sunflowers exude PRODUCTIVITY and FRUITFULNESS. The countless SEEDS speak very well of potential multiplication of both innate and acquired talents and skills.

So the next time you tend to compare yourself and desire others’ beauty, brilliance, productivity and fruitfulness, breathe in and breathe out thus, visit and linger in your INNER SANCTUARY where seated are the attributes of that SUNFLOWER IN Y♡U.

By the way, why am I including the sun when we are talking about sunflowers?

This is all about CONNECTivity. Sunflowers are never sunflowers without the sun- so AM I without you.

Feel free to share your “sunflower” experience.
Summer is starting to welcome us thru these flowers’ big smile!

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Sheer Determination, Trusting in the Power of Dreams & Loving-Accepting-Believing in myself made me what I am today. I believe in the Purpose of my Life – to Inspire and bring Encouragement to people I am associating with.

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