When things are not going your way…keep going anyway

”Where are the tickets for our trip to Manila?”

We were supposed to leave at 8:10 pm and it was past 4pm when we discovered that the booked tickets were from Manila to Davao instead.

“When things go wrong as they sometimes will,” pause- inhale-exhale.

It was an honest mistake! The booking of tickets last month of July was done in good faith. But as what we have always confessed and believed in, there are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.

Anyway, we were finally able to fly to Manila on the following day for our club’s orientation, training and workshop. We might have missed important things but our club sisters were more than glad to have seen our perseverance and determination to join them in Cavite.

The 8 of us plus a driver with great humor squeezed in the car together with our more than 8 heavy baggage for 5 looong hours, (we could have reached Cavite in more than an hour’s time) notwithstanding the hunger, discomfort and the heavy downpour. Savoring the hot native corn sold along the way was simply bliss.

We were welcomed by our club sisters and were able to catch up during the night session. Just as the activity was themed “Barrio Fiesta,” we decided to sing with collaborated choreography “Tayo ay Dabawenyo” with our colorful malong. It was so timely as we also celebrate Kadayawan Festivities. It was a night of fun, singing and dancing our way with the tiptoeing and sizzling rain over and around us.


We were given our club orientation on a Saturday. The officers decided to return our registration fees in appreciation to our exerted effort, time and perseverance. We were inducted to office thereafter by key officers of the club.
We headed to The Palms in Alabang for lunch with a man having a tremendously big, generous and philanthropic heart. He even offered to be our photographer as we took poses in his warm and majestic residence in Alabang.

Sunday morning was a day to remember. We had the chance to meet up with three empowered and influential sisters of the club on the 38th level of One Roxas Triangle.( Half of the building/condo is owned by one of them.) We were amused to have used an “exclusive” with seat elevator, for the first time.

One sister shared her pains as she was lambasted with intentional and/or unintentional seemingly malicious comments on her leadership. Her humility on accepting her faults, lapses and vulnerabilities made us adore her more. We prayed altogether and expressed our intentions for the club. We ended up affirming one another and worshipping God for His awesome deeds in our midst.

Saturday and Sunday nights were some of the perks of our journey together as we experienced the birthday celebrations in two posh venues- The Monochrome in Laguna and at The Manila Polo Club. Ramp modeling was part of our challenge as requested by the celebrator. It was quite nerve-racking on some of us.

The last day in Manila was another roll of great experiences. It was our first time together in Malacanan. We were cordially accommodated at the office of President Rodrigo Duterte’s Spokesperson Sir Ernie Abella thru his Executive Assistant Melma Abasolo. We had a special tour by Ms. Yvette who has been working with much dedication and commitment in Malacanan for the past 17 years already. Our entrance fees were even waived as we did not go through the regular tour.

We had a brief, yet amazing experience at the “Seat of Power” in the Philippines.

As we continued opening up to all possibilities of spreading love, peace and camaraderie, we agreed to grant the invitation of one of our mother club sisters for her birthday celebration (even if this gave us only a few hours of sleep as we have to pack up our stuff late night and wake up early morning)

The place looked ordinary outside but when inside the seafoods house, we sort of forget our name and where we were as the seafoods served were extraordinarily sumptuous, delectable and mouth-watering. We tasted (for the first time) golden greens, their delicacy of Baguio beans coated with egg and other spices.

As we reached the airport, courtesy again of our hosts’ car and our considerate-caring driver, Madame Prexy realized that she left her phone at the restaurant. Altogether, we inhaled and exhaled again with the big word TRUST. The phone was given at the nick of time as our flight was delayed.

Another chance of influencing change was when we observed that the waiting area at the airport was filled with trash of all kinds. One sister took photos to help address the cleanliness and the maintenance came trying to explain the whole situation. In a few minutes, the concern on trash was addressed in our area.

The whole journey would have never been realized if not for the magnetic persona of our leader and her ever-supportive and loving husband. Their generosity is simply priceless and matchless with all the loving sacrifices of having us in their condo in Makati.

To my ever-vibrant and enthusiastic-agile sisters, who, despite our differences, are always out to bring the BEST in our club, my SALUTE to all of you.

We might have missed our 4 equally brilliant sisters, but we always know we are ONE in spirit and goals in life, wherever we are. The reason for our coming together in our club (the first in Davao City) is becoming CLEARER and CLEARER- We are BLESSED to BLESS mankind in many forms, with poise, beauty and elegance. We are Angels and Catalysts of CHANGE, we are ONE with our PRRD’s signature line.

To the Inner Wheel Club of the Philippines Inc.- Davao REALLIONAIRES, MABUHAY tayong lahat with our Mother Club in Manila and our roots in UK.


So when things don’t go your way, keep going anyway. You will soon find that the journey is far more BEAUTIFUL THAN WHAT YOU HAVE IN MIND and the destinations are simply the OUTCOMES of your PRESSing on.


Please let me know, how can I be of HELP to you <3

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