Jason-our beloved Firstborn—in BLOOM

“Children are a Heritage from the Lord, the FRUIT of the womb a REWARD”

You are a Gift from above, entrusted to find your path & fulfill your PURPOSE & MISSION on Planet Earth.

We never realized the priceless JOY of having a kid until we decided to have one, almost two years after our marriage. Such a priceless reward, & miracle of life.

In summer of 1986, never did I know that I was pregnant with our first born during one of our visits to Cagayan de Oro. I was craving so much for boiled banana with anchovies & lemon. Orville got almost irritated to find none of my food speifications as he already visited all his relatives within the vicinity. Out of his dismay, Aunt Eva, our host then, just told him to go to the market for my desired food.

My smile was priceless after my cravings were satisfied.

It was a bit threatening though, due to the long hours in going back to Davao, that I experienced spotting. Was more than thankful to my on-gyne then, Dra.-Ninang Bacacao for keeping our first born intact in my womb.

It was then that I had a revelation of his name, Jason- a Greek word that means “‘Healer.” In Hebrew, it means a High Priest in the Temple of Jerusalem.

Since then, we declared all blessings for our first born. We were more than thankful that the succeeding months of my conception went well.

It was early November 20, 1986 that I woke up with a ruptured amniotic sac. Orville & I walked our way to the house of Ninang Coring. We were then advised to proceed to the hospital.

We were blessed to have found a ride to the hospital as it was a Transport Strike. After several hours of labor, thankfully, Ninang arrived in the hospital thru a borrowed car as hers wasn’t in good condition.

Words can’t explain how I felt as Ninang Coring had Jason on my chest, minutes after his birth. My heart leaped with so much bliss. We noticed his healthy, glowing skin. Ninang said, ‘it must be the fruits that caused his vibrant skin!” (Part also of my conception of Jason was my fruit indulgences (no wonder why he also indulges on fruits like no other in his growing up years up until now). My late mom also exclaimed “Uy, mura ug panit sa lechon ang kasinaw sa panit ni Jason.”

Orville didn’t know how to handle his excitement. He didn’t realize that he was already tossing & turning away from the delivery room. He was so ecstatic to see his first born.

Our happiness was coupled with a health concern. As a result of a little complication, after the 3-day regular hospitalization in giving birth, I was discharged but Jason was necessitated to stay in the nursery for another five days as he needed antibiotic injections twice every day.

I felt such vacuum in coming home without him. Finally, after 5 days, he seemed to miss me so much that he sucked hungrily my swollen-with-milk breasts.

Daddy Orville enjoyed being a first-time dad, so did, I, a first-time mom.

Dad would exhaust all his songs and dances to lull his first born to sleep but more often than not, Jason wakes up whenever he is laid down so he would end up sleeping on the chest of his dad.

For lack of photos during his childhood.

As the firstborn of Orville, he installed a little basketball ring for Jason in the sala. His love for basketball at a young age was instilled by daddy.

His biking lesson came next as daddy got a bike for him.

As his three younger brothers were born, they were a complete basketball team with their dad around. They had regular sessions together.

I remember those times when we had no house help. I would literally feed my four boys &…myself from one plate using one spoon just so I wouldn’t be having more dishes to wash, especially if daddy was out for work. Jason was 10 years old then.

Between the age of 2-4, he enjoyed playing on his invisible drums during worship times in TJF. Our friends and churchgoers enjoyed his being an imaginary & creative drummer. According to them, they were never distracted in their worship, in fact, they’re compelled & encouraged to worship God from their heart whenever they see the seriousness of our young Jason in “playing his imaginary drums” during praise & worship times.

Our firstborn never feared caterpillars. Upon coming home from school or whenever he had the chance, he would love catching & playing with caterpillars and put them in his pocket.

Doing household chores was part of his growing up years. He would help me in my laundry at age 3 with matching singing of songs.

Between Grades 5-6, Jason already knew how to play the guitar, again, courtesy of his dad. He’s also into singing- handed down by his great great grandparents, grandparents from both sides & us, his parents.

He was a consistent honor student in his elementary years. Our hearts always beamed with happiness & gratitude when his teachers would tell us that they never had problems with him in school.

In high school, he was part of the Eagle Scouts whose fancy drills were really fun to watch. We, his parents were his avid fans. Daddy was able to resonate as they are from the same school & both were into scouting on different times.

Jason was able to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Palo, Leyte. Happiness filled our hearts as he was able to really enjoy it and his scouting skills were more enhanced together with the other scouts coming from different regions..

We gladly welcomed him home midnight of January 4, 2002 after being away for several days. It rained hard on their way home & all the scouts’ stuffs were wet. They all had no choice but to put on soiled clothes on their way to their respective homes.

After all the merriment of his coming home, it was heart-wrenching on the other hand that after taking a nap, our subdivision experienced flash floods. Daddy drove me & our younger boys to my parents’ house.

Jason bravely volunteered to stay at home to elevate & keep our stuffs safe & dry. His younger brother James volunteered to stay too. At first we were so happy communicating with them as his scouting skills were applied. But then as hours passed, the river a mile from us had already swollen. Orville had to swim back to our house to save the two boys as floodwaters almost reached the ceiling.

The three of them stayed on the roof along with other neighbors-also on their respective roofs, to safeguard themselves from raging floodwaters.

That was such a nerve-wracking experience but they were more than thankful of how they navigated safely.

Another great adventure he had had was trekking Mt. Apo years ago for the first time & he survived without cuts, wounds nor bruises.

Our firstborn has always shown discipline & responsibility. When asked of his choice of a course in college, his first choice was to become a military. It changed though as he chose to take up nursing instead.

Amidst all adversities in his nursing course, he managed to pull it off.

After his college graduation, he had the chance to teach in the Grade 3 class & functioned as the school nurse as well. I realized that he & his younger brother followed my steps. Their first respective classes were grade 3 on different school years. I handled the first grade 3 class in Southpoint School in year 1998.

Jason, long before he got married already began his ‘fathering’ skills to his students. The privilege & challenges of handling young students from different backgrounds made him a stronger & better person.

After three years of teaching, Jason & Sherryluz decided to tie the knot. Since both of them were part of Southpoint School family, their wedding was a great collaboration. We transformed the mini park into a Garden for their wedding in year 2010.

It was one memorable wedding as their officiating minister was no other than his Lolo- Pastor Ben (in his 70’s) together with our spiritual Father & now DFA USec Ernesto C. Abella. Papa Ben was more than delighted to do it for his first grandson’s wedding.

The heavy downpour during the reception didn’t stop the Funtime of the newlyweds together with their guests.

Their wedding was such a beautiful time with all the blessings of family, friends, relatives & SPS family.

As part of Southpoint School family, we were able to travel together in CamBoCeb-Camiguin, Bohol & Cebu in 2009. In 2011, SPS family had another trip to Luzon in Angeles, Laguna & Tagaytay.

We made sure that savings becomes a part of everyone’s budget for our annual trips.

Jason’s marriage to Sherryluz gave way to his expansion in many ways. Shortly after their wedding, they were assigned to Cebu for a business venture. It was a test of their dedication, commitment & resilience as well. Times for real growth in handling business.

With much audacity, they maneuvered their way thru a strange land as their first son- Jared Orin (J.O) was born there- in the Queen City of the South.

I joined them for a week in Cebu (after the SPS admin & teachers’ first international trip to Hong Kong) to help take care of our firstborn apo.

Then they went back to Davao.

They also lived in Barobo where he had the chance to work in a government office.

Finally, they settled in Davao and for one school year, we were more than happy & privileged to have spent time with our first grandson, especially his Dadsie who loved taking care of him in various ways

Jason has a happy & light spirit. I love his subtle humor which is duplicated by his son- Jared. His communication & leadership skills have been put to use in the different businesses he & his wife were engaged in.

Like me, he loves adventures. We were together, on a spur-of-the-moment ziplining in Ma. Christina Falls, Iligan City with Sherryluz & Joseph. it was an exhilarating fun & adventure as we walked our way up up and away thru the canopy before reaching the zip line tower.

Jason & his brothers’ spent times with their dad made life more meaningful. Daddy Orville made sure that his four sons had enough of his time, teachings & training, may it be playing basketball, playing the guitar, washing the car, drawing, singing or simply being with each other. Having vacation times were of utmost value.

Jason, along with his brothers was taught by daddy how to drive a car. Something they are able to use in the ins & outs of their individual & family life & in their chosen career.

Am more than happy & proud of you, our dear Kuya Jason for countless times of being with daddy. In my absence in 2018 during a month-long visit in UAE, he really took time in taking care of his ailing dad with the help of his big-hearted & loving wife Sherryluz, together with his younger brothers Josh & Joseph.

He was always there for his dad from time to time. I can hardly believe all those times where the three of them would carry daddy on his wheelchair down & up the 3rd level of the apartment we used to live in.

Hours before their Daddy Orville transitioned @ the emergency room of DMSF, Jason protected & spared me from all the excruciating pain of seeing the ordeal of his dad’s intubation. He let me stay at the lobby where Josh, my siblings, some relatives, SPS & CLS families were waiting. Our first born witnessed the inexplicable pain experienced by his dad. His nursing training must have paid off as he was with his dad on his last hours.

Such a scenario of life. Joy & pain; welcome & goodbye were connected that day. Just as Orville was ecstatic of seeing his newly-born first son Jason for the first time in 1986, after thirty-two years was another striking reality, connecting it to the other ‘end’-Jason painfully witnessed the last breath of his dad at past 11pm on July 07, 2018.

There is no death without birth & no birth without death. Birth & Death are of equal importance as the well-respected Buddhist monk Thick Nhat Hahn says it.

It was so heartwarming to see Jason & his brothers taking great responsibilities especially during the wake & funeral of their dad. They all supported me in many ways.

With the passing of time, I always appreciate him, despite his busyness @ the city council & other concerns, he would find time for me on some of my errands.

Jason & family would bring me to beautiful places. One of which is an area where an existing hanging bridge warmly welcomed us. It brought me down memory lane.

One time they brought me & Mads Daisy to Tamayong where we posed with one of the biggest Balite trees. The tree speaks so much of productivity, lushness & productivity of life. The free & natural energy emitted by the tree & other prana-giving plants sustained our frolicking til evening in such paradise.

I am always impressed to see him grow in helping others (without being prodded nor compelled) who are in dire need. May it be finances, emotional turmoil or whatever he sees befitting his help. During the floods last year, he simply enjoyed helping Elisha, Josh & Mads Bebs in cleaning their flooded house.

Their late dad must be very happy seeing our first born son rising up as one—increasing in knowledge, wisdom & stature.

Leading his family in regular meditation time is such a matchless gift especially to our first grandson-Jared. Looking forward to a beautiful addition in the family, our Crowned Jewel in the midst of this global pandemic.

Jason’s birthday last November 20, 2019 was memorable as it was so timely for DXN’s 20th Anniversary & the launching of the First & Second Sunyata Centers in the Philippines.

We welcomed Dr. Lim, the world-renowned CEO & Founder of the company. Such a great time listening to him talk about meditation & its benefits. We requested for a pose with him, for posterity.

Another unforgettable day was March 18, 2018. I was more than grateful to gather the MEN in my life & Sherryluz during our first-ever State of DAPRISA Address (SODA) & turning-over ceremony of my presidency for 4 years. It was so heartwarming to see everyone vibrantly happy. We were all in black except for Jason who was in white, breaking the monotony.

Since then, our Jared loved wearing long sleeves.

We never thought that it was our last family photo (wished to have James & family around) with hubby.

Family pose during DAPRISA’s First-ever SODA (State of DAPRISA Address) at Pinnacle Hotel

And for the second time of my being away from home, Jason’s been responsibly in leading & guiding his younger brothers in the midst of the 2020 pandemic.

I am more than grateful that Jason & Sherryluz have other couples to look up to in AMORE Community where Sir Jesse & Mm. Cheryl take the lead. This is where a community plays its role in helping individuals and families grow in different areas of life.


As an advocate of protected living in this day & age of gadgets & high technology, we cannot help but be vigilant in protecting ourselves from invisible health-hazard radiation.

It is so timely that they are onto making & selling of orgonites. You may check this link should you be interested —

Eye care is also one of the concerns nowadays of both young & old as we spend more time being exposed to the blue light of phones, iPads, computers and television sets. This is why they are also on to promoting & selling Nano-specs.

It was great to have received a nano spec as my birthday gift as Jason & She know very well that I spend a lot of time before the blue light of my phone, computer & tv. It protects my eyes too from the glaring lights of the sun.

The blogs I have written for my three other sons served as their individual birthday gift- a write up of their individual lives but (surprisingly) for our firstborn, I can’t wait for his birthday on November to have this for him. Am more than happy that even if their dad isn’t around in the physical realm, his life continues with Jason’s expansion in many ways than one.

This is my little humble way to honor my firstborn son.

Whatever Jason has reached right now & continue to work expand on, I owe it all to the the Force & Source within him, the love, care, training & discipline of his dad together with me, & to everyone who has become part of his beautiful world, his beautiful inside out wife-Sherryluz, in-laws Mads Daisy, Pads Armando, Ivy, Gold, Lucky, Councilor Edgar Ibuyan Jr. & wife Leah June & business partners who in one way or another have helped & honed him.

As I remember his growing up years, i realized that I was also learning as a first-time mom. Along all those learning times, I may have done or not have done what I was supposed to do as a mom to you.

May I say this again, “I’M SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME for the many things that I may have hurt you unintentionally, for not having provided you with all that you need in college especially during those times of multi-faceted challenges; I THANK YOU for having chosen me as your mom, for living up to your role as first born son, for all the love you have for me, your brothers & your family & I LOVE YOU for who you are & what you are continually becoming.

To our first born Jason, your dad & I are more than blessed & proud of your continuous BLOOMing, expanding & blossoming in the Garden of Consciousness & INfinite Possibilities on Planet Earth.

Loving & appreciating you so much, my firstborn Jason. Your life matters to me, your family & to everyone in your beautiful universe.

Some photos were grabbed from Jason & She’s fb accounts. I would have loved adding photos here during his childhood but the three floods had all ruined our fam photos.

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