HS Connections then and now

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

August 30, 2019

After thirty-nine long years, I finally met again my HS batchmates.

Yes, thirty-nine years have passed and it was my utmost JOY to be REconnected with them during the 42nd RMC Alumni Homecoming slated last August 24, 2019.

Thanks to Sir Amado Ancla and team for a successful event against all odds and challenges along the way.

The said homecoming was immediately followed by another FUN-filled day of fellowship with one another over an array of fresh-picked fruits, juice & foodies at the farm.

The farm welcomed us along with the hot sun, cool and fresh breeze and the lovely and gentle swaying of the leaves and flowers.

REconnecting with Mother Nature and with one another was simply priceless.

ONE big bonus in this farm visit was just taking time to watch the three beautiful children play without gadgets. It made me realize that life is simple and happiness is not merely found in gadgets and technology.

I wished the same for young kids to experience such raw yet profound time of playing.

What struck me most was the little boy that played with a seemingly ordinary wagon. He was too engrossed with it that he didn’t care what’s happening around. He wasn’t bothered by anything. His happiness was matchless, coined with much contentedness. He knew how to play with himself. He knew exactly where to bring his wagon and how to maneuver it. As I took time to join him, he was so sure of his instructions on how to BE with him.

As I enjoyed my time with him, I was reminded of my upcoming time with my granddaughter a few months from this day of writing.

Indeed, there is always so much to be grateful for in every step of the way: the people we connect and are blessed with; the places we are privileged to visit; the memories we make together; the songs we sing; the pains and the gains we all share together.

Our sincerest and warmest Gratitude & Appreciation for the generous hearts of our hosts Dr. Anne Lynore Limsiaco Toghyani & her hubby Dr. Mehdi Toghyani.

May pabring-home pa.

SALUTE & THANKS to our great drivers-Bong, Rolando & Placido and everyone who made this Farm visit memorable.





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