Honoring my two Beloved Brothers on their Birthday

It’s pleasantly remarkable to note that my two younger brothers were born on two succeeding days… on different years.

Yes, our two brothers Jonathan & Jerome are celebrating their respective birthdays today, June 20 & tomorrow, June 21. Such a privilege to have watched them grow over these years.

Jonathan & I, with a 3-year age gap, went to the same school in the elementary level. I always made it a point that we go to and from school together, holding his hand or having my arm around his shoulder for his safety. I always share my umbrella with him on sunny or rainy days. Our walking spree to and from school was our way of bonding. We loved to tread the bushy short cut road than go the long & busy way that entailed danger for young kids like us as vehicles rushed their way.

When i reached high school, it pained me to be separated from him as our campuses were miles apart.

It’s fun to remember part of being an older sister of three. I always had little pasalubongs for my younger siblings, either bread, candies or anything (within my little budget from my daily allowance) that would make them happy.

Like me, his teaching career started in the elementary level. After going thru a joyful-turned-bumpy experience, i encouraged him to teach in college. So he did, first at JIB College of Business & Tourism.

Fast track to year 2011 when Jonathan & I were together, teaching in the tertiary level on the same department in our beloved Alma Mater.

He’s a full time college instructor starting in year 2010. Such a great delight to have received one day a message from the assistant dean thru him of the said invitation for me to teach in the university. That was the start of my seven-year journey as part-time college instructor.

Great joy filled our hearts for those times when we received certificates (on different school years and semesters) as Outstanding Faculty per evaluation of students, especially the Plaque of Appreciation of Outstanding Faculty for three consecutive years. Great Thanks for all the support of our Associate Dean then, Mm. Imelda Fernandez, also Jonathan’s remarkably great professor in college.

We were happy & blessed to have had the chance to be recommended as well to teach (on different school years) in the Graduate School of the same university. Thanks to Dean Khristine Marie D. Concepcion for believing in us.

My brother Jon would then come to my rescue when i needed him most especially in the computation of grades for submission. The most remarkable was when graduation time in Southpoint School (where I work as principal) & submission of grades happened on the same day. His help & rescue was a breath of relief, my Knight in shining armor.

Am more than happy that Jon finished his Doctorate in Applied Linguistics in 2018 (the vertical alignment I had in mind as I took & finished my Doctorate in Educational Management in 2011).

We happily & humbly dedicate such feat, one pinnacle of success to our dear departed parents.

Jonathan has remained committed and dedicated to whatever is entrusted to him, whether the daily grind of teaching, speaking in seminars & training, or the simple taking care of their dog-Joya and best of all, working out lovingly on his marriage for six years now with his wifey, Yahnalee.

His world has expanded together with his loving & supportive parents-in-law. Jon is greatly loved & favored by them too. Such a sync as his Mom-in-law celebrates her birthday today too.

Jon & I were also together in Toastmasters for several months. Yahnee, Jon’s wife invited the two of us to join Toastmasters in August, 2017. We had lots of fun together, learning, expanding & helping each other improve in our individual crafts. It’s all about continuous growth in terms of communication, self-confidence & leadership.

Last year, we travelled to Cebu with my son Josh & Sis Joerna for the wedding of our niece, the daughter of our cousin.

Such a delight to meet our other relatives in the south.

It was a fun-filled short vacay. Mano Norman & Mana Tita brought us to the famous Ten thousand Roses in Cordova, Cebu

We enjoyed bonding with our long-missed cousin & wife. Their generosity of heart is simply treasured.

On the other hand, June 21, that’s tomorrow, is our youngest brother Jerome’s birthday.

When Bobong was born in Brokenshire Memorial Hospital, the nurses & doctors took delight to welcome him, very healthy & pogi (handsome). More often than not, we loved to call him Nino Mulach as they had resemblance in face and cuteness. Bong & and our youngest sister were Mindanao-born while the four of us were Visayas-born.

Bobong had the chance to live with us for a year in HS. He’s very diligent and an all-around young man. He served like a big bro to our first born then. He’s greatly ecstatic as he was the very first to have witnessed the first independent steps of our Jason.

Our youngest brother is a highly-skilled man. He has developed his cooking skills when he got married. He is a well-rounded brother. He can drive a car, a motorcycle or a bicycle, which four of us siblings do not know & haven’t experienced yet. He continues to plant fruit-bearing trees and veggies too. Like our late dad, he’s a green thumb. He is a loving and caring man. He does chores and has a highly-praised and appreciated fiber glass business.

He has been blessed by Adela-Diding his wife and two sons, Jan Jead and Jenver Jead. They were wed by my late hubby.

It’s a rollercoaster ride for them over the years & eventually, very rocky.

As things seemed to crumble down, what makes us happy is his show of RESILIENCE & HOPE during times of tests. Despite everything, one thing has stood over these years, our dear Bobong has remained ever faithful and caring as a brother.

How can I ever forget such time when he made possible the reconnection of our electricity. It was an oasis in the desert as our family went thru excruciating difficulties in life.

One thing has pulled our youngest down though, along with other factors, his vices. The vices he had engaged in had caused challenges in his personal and married life to the extent of causing a lot of pain.

Last year, we celebrated our two brothers’ birthdays with family, close relatives & friends.

A week ago, I was teary-eyed when i learned that he brought gifts- (his own produce) to our older sister before her birthday last June 14. It was heartwarming, so touching. His way of honoring & loving our sister who’s never wavered in her love & support for him.

Our dear Bobong always finds time to visit the graveyard of our departed parents, something I find so sweet & thoughtful of him. Altogether we come during special days like their birthdays or All Soul’s Day.

Whenever we meet, he would always ask for apologies for everything he had done. Time and time again i would assure him that he is loved, forgiven & accepted no matter what.

To you my brother Jerome, I believe in your GREATNESS & CAPACITY to arise & fly high from the ashes of fire like the great PHOENIX.

Transformation awaits, as you decide to make things happen, knowing that you are blessed beyond what you can imagine & whatever has happened to you.

Our relatives are happy whenever they see us finding time to bond during special occasions. I may not often see them very often, especially now that I am miles apart, but they are always in my heart. Through our ups and downs we support each other in the most possible ways.

I envision us altogether living auspiciously in a green environment with everything we need for a healthy and happy living.

Just as we all had chosen to become siblings of the same parents, may our transitioned Mom & Dad continue to guide us thru in this life.

My love & appreciation for everything that you are & everything you do.

BLESSED BIRTHDAYS to you both my dear loved brothers Jonathan & Jerome. May the prayers of our dear parents to both of you come to reality.

Never stop dreaming!

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE. Jeremiah 29:11

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  1. Jonathan L. Cabradilla

    Thank YOU very much Dearest Sister Judith! I am deeply Touched & Moved!


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