Hanging Bridges

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

August 24, 2019

Hanging Bridges ask nothing less than audacity, strength & courage for one to be able to walk on it.

My first hanging bridge experience was during my 4th year in High School. I was invited by my cousin to visit a farm (boundary of Bansalan & Makilala) owned by the family of one of their youth.

It was an unforgettable experience, my first time to cross a hanging bridge with raging rushing waters underneath.

I felt my knees tremendously shaking, my teeth gnashing & my hands trembling. Every step seemed so heavy & more scary every time I notice below the raging waters.

After that seemingly unending walk of “death,” the heart-warming & welcoming SMILE of mother & son (farm owners) erased all traces of fear & nervousness.

Excitedly, we began to explore the rich farm. I saw such abundance & diversity of fruits.

As I said, “Wow!!! Sarap ng butong, sarap ng nangka”… the fruits I named were all offered to me & everyone else, in all their freshness.

As if the GENIE in the film Aladdin came in the flesh, thru a fine gentleman with the initials (RM).

He GRANTED all my wishes.

We explored the farm, had a great feast of fresh fruits & food, fellowshipped & sang worship songs with much gratitude & appreciation for that wondrous day – January 01, 1980.

Towards the end of that exploratory farm visit, I had the greatest surprise of that day when the Mother of RM expressed her intention to “”adopt” me & send me to college. It turned out that RM was stricken by Mr. Cupid & asked his mom to let me stay in their farm.

He was disheartened to see us leave after having met me for the first time.

I thought that was the end of that short connection.

Never did I expect that from week to week after that first meeting, he would send me well-thought-of & creatively-written love letters. He was handsomely impressive & brilliant as he was a scholar in a state university in Kabacan.

Oppps, going back to the photos of the hanging bridge we took in a resort here in Mintal, it may entirely be different from the aforementioned hanging bridge as there’s no raging water underneath & not as high as in my story but it reminds me of that day where & when I conquered my fear of heights.

To connect, there are times in our lives that we need to pass & walk over some invisible hanging Bridges so we realize the INVINCIBLE POWER that lies within.

Great THANKS to my beloved Jason & Sherryluz for bringing me here.

Feel free to share your Hanging Bridge Story or a feeling of HANGING THERE in the absence of a bridge.

💝Love & Light💝💝

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