Dolly & her magical MaganDOLL story

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

November 3, 2020

Dolly in acrostic for me is…

Deliberately & gratefully

Overcoming all of



Year in & year out

She’s our Dolly-a good jolly fellow, flowing with life beautifully, experiencing Miracle after Miracle over the years.

Yes, she is Dolly, a joyful & witty overcomer of life’s challenges, exuding so much love, wisdom and creativity with her abunDANCE mentality.

A loving daughter to her parents; a caring sister; a doting mom, a diligent friend & builder of life, an auspicious worker.

I have known her a bit during church days then, many years ago since their house was part of my late hubby’s area of responsibility.

Known for her genuine love, commitment and dedication at work, she has made long-lasting friendships with many that despite everyone coming from diverse groups at this time, she still manages to gather everyone on special occasions.

Friends then and now still clicking together

Times allowed us to go on our separate ways.

For several years, she had had the privilege of contributing to the many fruitful & success projects of Habitat (where she was able to gather millions from different donors) & rubbed shoulders with the high & mighty plus…meeting & working up close & personal with celebrities like Mr. Jaime August Zobel de Ayala, Ms. Universe Margie Moran Florence, Manny Pacquiao, Derek Ramsey & many more.

Her work with Habitat allowed her to extensively travel in the local & international arena.

Our connection was REkindled during the ailment of my late husband in year 2018.

Despite her own physical challenge, she still managed to come to our house with her nurse daughter Pampy, to pray for daddy. It was a pleasant surprise when one day they came with hubby’s much-much needed commode… in his last days. When I saw Dolly & her daughter Pampy (the Top 1 in the first Grade 3 class I handled in SPS) giving hubby the said item, I saw & felt a different kind of love, a love that goes beyond personal & physical afflictions. She may not be physically well all the time but she has her way of blessing others beyond her natural capacity.

Dolly & Pampy’s visit where Pampy prayed again for our ailing head of the house-Orville

Such reconnection, as I understand now, is continually serving the higher purposes of our lives.

We never knew that such reconnection brought us together to an unplanned trip to Japan on the same year when we were brought together by hubby’s ailment.

Our 8-hour travel to Osaka on Nov. 01, 2018.

With her increasing touring knowledge, we managed to reach The Imperial Palace Gardens in the Land of the Rising Sun. I was personally awed of the way how that fateful day unfolded with the presence of a number of sky-scraping trees, old & new structures, plants, flowers and green meadows. It was a free-flowing day.

Happy to have reached The Imperial Palace Gardens thru her as tour guide

We had the chance to celebrate her 2018 (52nd) birthday in Kyoto- an explicit and grandiose place-the oldest city in Japan.

Our souls must have reincarnated from this place as we both love the place.

Her unwavering & unconditional love for her one and only daughter has continually kept Pampy safe and sound in a foreign ground. Her travel to Abu Dhabi during Christmas 2018 was a priceless gift from her daughter.

The daughter, like the mother, continues to exude a Godly life, unwavering faith & trust in His Sovereignty despite her distance from her mom. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way {s}he should go and when {s}he is old {s}he won’t depart from it” is such a beautiful truth that I personally see personified in her young life.

Dolly’s love & care for her two younger sisters and their respective families has glued them intact amidst conflicting differences at times.

It was such a great surprise fo me when my blog during my 55th Birthday with the elderly was featured in a local newspaper last year 2019.

Our affinity for Mother Nature, Love for Humanity, Travel, Japan & its food must have brought us together.

Looking forward to more things to do & places to travel to together .

A night to remember with beautiful & loving Couple Ana & Makoto at Tokyo Sky Tree

Dolly is overflowing with priceless treasures: love, joy, peace, tranquility and contentedness, genuine concern for others.

She exudes so much wit, humor & CREATIVITY as she has recently launched her NEWest entrepreneurial undertaking (bringing JOY and CONVENIENCE to her online buying friends and relatives)… her MAGANDOLL TREASURES. Visit her FB account (Dolly Rain Santos) to see more of her beautiful, colorful & affordable merchandise.

To my dear friend dolly, I always TREASURE YOU.

Continue to live life beyond what you see, feel, hear and touch.

These are two of my favorite verses I want to share with you as Gifts on your 54th Year on Planet Earth.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like EAGLE’S, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint, teach me Lord to wait.”

“I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living”

I always love you dear Dolly.

EnJoy you NEW BEGINNINGS (5+4=9) Birthday blast!


Grabbed most of the photos from her FB account.

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  1. Long

    Saludo to you nay and your friendship. I always have high respect to those who can keep well their best friendship/s… They are one in a million these days. Blessings to both of you and your loved ones ❣️😊


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