Celebrating Powerful Love & Light TWOgether

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

November 5, 2020

Fruitfulness, Productivity and Meaningfulness best describe the Union of great souls named Hernani Jesse l. Abrigo, Jr. & Cherryl Sanchez.

Today, November 5, 2020 marks their 28th Wedding Anniversary.

That’s DOUBLE INFINITY by the way.

They are blessed with two beautiful & creative children who spark on different paths yet both are in the Field of the Arts.

Sir Ernie Abella must have heard from the great Source of Life years ago when both lives -JesChe- were intertwined for His higher and greater purposes.

When he asked Sir Jess to “build me a school,” the latter simply said “Yes” despite ambiguity of how things will gonna work. Mm. Cherryl’s supervisory and academic prowess have perfectly matched though with Sir Jess’s administrative skills.

Southpoint School has been so blessed over the years under the auspicious leadership of this brilliant couple.

This global pandemic has explicitly extracted creative and ever-expanding leadership skills in upholding the school’s constituents. Maneuvering in the unchartered “New Normal” has never been that easy if not for their wisdom in leading an academic institution.

Many couples have come and gone but by the love, grace and sustaining wisdom and strength of the Almighty, they have stood their ground over all the challenges that came to test their lives.

They complement each other in many ways than one.

On the other hand, KEEPING INTACT a flock that went through the purging of times is another noteworthy thing that they are up to over the past eight (8) years. The loving support they give to the members of AMORE Community has always been appreciated. Doing research in teaching spiritual truths makes sailing clearer and lighter with proper guidance and direction.

Personally, I would like to thank this great couple-friends & comrades-JesChe, who walked thru with us during one of the toughest & darkest moments in our family-the passing on of my husband Orville. They were there to support us in many ways-spiritually, emotionally & financially along with our SPS, AMORE & CLS family.

Another joint adventure is now in our hands…going back to Mother Nature thru AMOREland.

Photo by Ms. Noeme Hanggam

The things, effort and finances we willingly contribute inch by inch would one day be of great benefit and value specifically to the next generations. We joyfully look forward to seeing individuals, families, groups of students and adults alike ushered back to who they truly are thru times of reflective contemplation with the natural, healing & therapeutic sounds of free doctors from MOTHER NATURE.

To a big-hearted and passionate couple Mm. Cherryl and Sir Jesse- Cheers, Salute & much Appreciation to everything that you continue to do and contribute for the common good of everyone.

Hence, we declare for many more years of productive, fruitful and meaningful togetherness and partnership.

Photo by Ms. Noeme Hanggam

“He who began a good work in you shall be faithful to complete it in you.”


Some photos grabbed from CSA & AC

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