BELIEVE in the WONDER of each Child

Today, the 7th of March, I got the chance to have an unplanned quickie pose with these wonder girls I have been privileged to relate with for more than 3 months now.

One is our own princess —Keona & the other one is her great friend & neighbor —Ate Mochi.

They are set to attend an Avengers-themed Birthday Party.

They look so radiant & fascinating in their outfit. Each one so happy & confident wearing the said ootd & excited for the party.

Such joy to see them wear their best smiles knowing that their respective families believe in them and in their wonder!

Truth to tell, each child is GIFTed with wonders of natural gifts.

Some may have one while others may have two or more.

Nevertheless, it’s not just the wonder in them that counts. Equally important is the parents’ keenness in recognizing & cultivating or nurturing these gifts.

Once this wonder/gift/talent in each child is recognized, it is the parents’ responsibility to cultivate it with the necessary tools in enhancing such gift/s.

Just as parents are awed with WONDER every time they are gifted with an offspring, they are also filled with another wonder — the huge responsibility entrusted to them in rearing their children.

In years past, hubby & I had raised our four Princes with much trust & confidence in the wisdom of our Great Father, some books & other spiritual leaders & friends.

Now that our two princes are having their respective families (another one welcomes his baby this month) we are seeing the fruits of our labor of loving & taking care of them.

Far from being perfect parents, we had learned these tips on handling kids. More so, my time with these aforementioned wonder girls allowed me to learn further.

You may add these tips to your existing ways in nurturing your children & their natural gifts:

1. ALLOW your kid/s to explore their God-given gifts.

Assist the younger ones. When a kid turns 1, begin to ask petty sensible questions. Accept their answers without putting them down. This way, their learning can be developed, expanded & become more meaningful as they grow.

2. BE with them as much as you can.

Your priceless presence means a lot. Being with them gives so much assurance of love & safety.

Technology offers a lot of learning & can be a good baby sitter but nothing beats & compares your personal times/talks with them.

I’m more than happy to continue to witness the priceless love, time & care of the parents of these young girls despite being in their jobs five days a week.

3. CONNECT with their feelings.

Come to rescue when needed. When hurt or in pain, find out why. Never tell them “that’s it, “see I told you.”

Learning by experience may be explained thru cause & effect.
In this way, they can be shielded from unnecessary guilt or self-condemnation.

A tight HUG is a way of connecting & assuring them of your love & support. Believe their stories but gently correct them when they tell lies.

4. DIRECT their path.

Young children need structured paths. When tantrums, arguments or resistance happen, kids can be redirected.

Redirecting could mean alternative activities like reading books, coloring, singing and/or playing with them inside or outside the house.

Studies suggest that growing up kids should be given the chance to play outside. If possible, allow them to stay near trees, clean grass/ground so they can go barefoot walking or running.

Morning or afternoon sunlight can be a good source of Vit. D.

Vitamin D prevents rickets (bone disease amongst kids). The sun’s energy turns a chemical in the skin into vitamin D3, which is carried to the liver and then to the kidneys to transform it to active vitamin D.

5. ENVISION them as great, civil, kind & considerate beings.

Boost any observable natural inclinations of each child.

When their natural gifts are early discovered, find ways to enhance them. Look for coaches or trainers that can be of help, or if you as parents can give early training, that’s even better.

6. FULFILL every single promise you give.

Honor your word. Nothing substitutes integrity. It is in this way that they naturally follows the same, especially in fulfilling agreements.

7. GIVE them toys that would motivate them in exploring their skills.

Giving them opportunities to explore at their young age builds their confidence.

Singing, dancing, acting & other talents, even serving with a light & happy heart can be observed in their younger years. Guide them to more exposures, not so much for the win.

Get them to work on simple, light chores.

Our princess happily throws her soiled nappy in the garbage bin including every single hair & tiny dirt she finds on the floor or elsewhere. Whenever she sees me hold the broom & dustpan, she automatically approaches me & says, “Help Olah.”

Ate Mochi on the other hand willingly feeds Keo. She voluntarily cleans K’s toy car. Both of them, when given the chance, help in the tidying up of their toys & books.

8. HO’OPONOPONO is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation & forgiveness.

Have the kids, including adults and parents practice these simple yet powerful lines:
“I’m sorry”
“Please forgive me”
“Thank you” &
“I love you”
These lines, when spoken with sincerity & truthfulness can help them & everyone go thru life’s ups & downs, life’s gains & pains.

After all, what is success if our children are not rooted in humility, integrity & right perspective.

9. INTEGRATE values in their day-to-day experiences.

Inculcate manners in every way. Teaching them to say “please,” “po & opo,” “excuse me” is worth doing.

Even as they receive praises for certain gifts/achievements, teach them groundedness.

On the other hand, let them accept criticism positively, learning & growing from each.

I remember a HS group who leaped & leaped in great joy after the announcement of winners in a particular competition. I thought they made it to the Top 3.

To my surprise, they happily shared to me (as President of our association then) that their ecstatic happiness stems from a grateful heart of being able to perform together on stage. They may have wished to win but for them, winning is beyond trophies and medals.

Isn’t that amazing? Such a great depiction and expression of Emotional Intelligence!

10. JUBILATE over their small or big achievements thus, teach them to be happy for others as well.

Achievement at times, like in adults, makes kids walk with pride, putting themselves on a pedestal & belittling others.

Kids should also be taught to accept & be grateful for failures or losses.
Just give them the enough perspective.

It is more than a delight to see kids nowadays who are able to accept defeat or failure.

Forgiving themselves & others is another noteworthy thing amongst kids.

In addition, there’s this UBUNTU principle that can best be described as an African philosophy.

It places emphasis on ‘being self through others’. It is a form of humanism which can be expressed in the phrases ‘I am because of who we all are’
(exploring african philosophy: the value of ubuntu in social work)

This is well depicted amongst kids who joined a competition one day.

It was clearly announced, as part of the mechanics, that the first one to reach the basketful of fruits can have all the fruits for him/herself.

As a surprising result, all the kids held hands after the signal & ran altogether towards the basket of fruits.

Everybody reached the goal at the same time and each enjoyed his/her share of FUN & FRUIT.

“How can I enjoy when others are not happy?”

The application of this principle has been carefully deliberated in some schools nowadays.

If and when, as parents, we are able to inculcate these principles amongst our growing up kids, it is but natural for us to expect great results.

“Train up a chid in the way he should go so when he grows up he won’t depart from it”

Congratulations dear parents who have done their part in raising their WONDERful children.

To the younger parents, the next generation of leaders and coming parents are in your hands. CHEER UP, you have the universe to back you up: loved ones, technology, gadgets & many more.

Remember, each child is MAGICAL!

Each Child is a GIFT.
Always BELIEVE in his/her WONDER!

❤️Happy parenting❤️

Should you have more queries in raising up your kid/s, PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask.

Great thanks to the wonderful parents of Kelsie and Mochi for allowing me to feature their kids in this blog.

My Abu Dhabi stay has been a fruitful & joyful one with all the wit and grit I keep on finding in each of them during our times of watching videos, doing Zumba at times, reading, playing & walking.

They are the typical little girls who would argue and disagree but their love and care for each other is beyond WONDERFUL!

EQUAL thanks & appreciation to Tata Ne as she wonderfully BLENDS in great wisdom the two little magical Icons of Wit, Wonder and Beauty when the parents of both girls are at work.

Thanks Mommy May for the beautiful photos you shared.
& Tata Ne for quickly clicking my cam as I posed with them.

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