Bamboo Culms & the GREENness in me

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

August 24, 2019

Fascination for greens has become part of my conscious & subconscious lately.

Whenever I see green trees, plants & grass, something within me smiles, dances and leaps.

More often than not, closing my eyes would usher me to roads with trees aligning on both sides.

Today, as I was prepping to book a family event for next week, my eldest son called up inviting me to go with them to a resort in Mintal.

I readily said “yes”.

After the first appointment of the day, we headed to the resort.

Upon reaching the place, my attention was automatically drawn to the lush greens, specifically the bamboo culms in designated areas. They are beautifully trimmed & guided in their growth.

As I took the time to appreciate them, I realized that regardless of the density & volume of the green leaves, not a single leaf is hurt. Each gives space for one another, notwithstanding the “pushing” of each sharp-shaped leaves for survival. Some leaves are distinctly visible yet a number of them are not. Nevertheless, they are part of the whole culms.

Varieties of bamboo culms are planted here along with the other greens, yet not one seems to be in competition with any plant.

Experiencing and appreciating the beauty of the bamboo reminds me of some great old quotes:

“The taller the bamboo grows
The lower it ends”

“Bloom where you are planted”

“Never be in competition with anyone.
Just be happy & contented of who you are & what you have”

“Both sun & rain make plants and trees grow.
They never compete with each other.
They function distinctly, yet collaboratively, so the GREENS become .healthier, happier & greener.”

“How wonderfully BEAUTIful.
How beautifully WONDERful.”

By the way, I have a green thumb, whatever I plant, IT GROWS.

Let’s all help SAVE MOTHER EARTH by greening our surroundings.

Any shares on how to make the green in us and around us become more alive like the green bamboo culms?

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