About Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

Sheer Determination, Trusting in the Power of Dreams & Loving-Accepting-Believing in myself made me what I am today. I believe in the Purpose of my Life – to Inspire and bring Encouragement to people I am associating with.

HS Connections then and now

After thirty-nine long years, I finally met again my HS batchmates. Yes, thirty-nine years have passed and it was my utmost JOY to be REconnected with them during the 42nd RMC Alumni Homecoming slated last August 24, 2019. Thanks to Sir Amado Ancla and team for a successful event against all odds and challenges along [...]

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Bamboo Culms & the GREENness in me

Fascination for greens has become part of my conscious & subconscious lately. Whenever I see green trees, plants & grass, something within me smiles, dances and leaps. More often than not, closing my eyes would usher me to roads with trees aligning on both sides. Today, as I was prepping to book a family event [...]

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Witty Pretty Story by the Daughters of the King of kings

I was supposed to join a mini-reunion at Alice Loghouse in Buda (last August 21-22) with my college batchmates & promised to tell them a Story. But voila, I have to be in Manila for a school-related event. Creativity then was unleashed. I asked my classmates to send me their individual dreams. Since the reunion [...]

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A Journey of LOVE… From Pain to GAIN

A Tribute to my departed husband ORVILLE DUGADUGA BACARRO December 12, 1957-July 7, 2018 And to those who STOOD BY and WITH US Birth and Death are of EQUAL Importance (TNH) BIRTH is a Miracle itself Orville’s day of birth on December 12, 1957 must have been filled with overwhelming joy as parents Ben and [...]

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At 55, I Honor My Dear Departed Parents Thru The Elderlies

At 55, I HONOR my dear departed Parents thru The ELDERLIES @ Davao Veil Geriatric Home Care, Tigatto, Davao City Today, January 31, 2019, I turn 55. Number 5 in the Spiritual realm means GRACE. Numerology says –number 5 is letting go of the old and bringing in the NEW. Year 2019 is no. 3 [...]

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2019 A Year of New Beginnings

Behold, I am making all things NEW Each new year unfolds newness. The things in the previous year had already been served. Just like a tree, its leaves that dwindle promise one thing -- no more coming back. The year that was yielded its own fair share of both joyful & painful experiences. Personally, I [...]

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Our Yes Signals the Universe’s Swiftness

My first Trip to the Land of the Rising SUN was a manifestation of such SWIFTness! It was in August 2018 (more than a month after hubby passed on) when my 2nd son first mentioned of the trip to Japan. He knew very well that I was still grieving over the passing on of their [...]

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