Apart yet One; Celebrating our Princesses’ Birthday (71st blog)

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

March 18, 2024

Today, March 17, 2024 marks the 6th & 4th BIRTHDAY of our beloved Kelsie Luana (Keona) and Jezziah Lusha. Ate K was born in Abu Dhabi and Zi was born in Davao, our “crowning glory baby” during pandemic time.

As i was “trapped” in the UAE for almost 9 months due to pandemic in 2020, my coming home was filled with much excitement as I was expecting to hold in my arms the 2nd princess in the family, Zi.

Having been blessed as a mom of four boys, i had always wished of cuddling my own daughters. God answered marvelously through my 3 granddaughters. Isn’t it amazing?

The two princesses’ first meeting was in Davao, during the wedding of their Tito Joseph and Tita Lyza. Happiness was overwhelming as another princess Jaelah Chrystal was added in our family.

I had the privilege to be with Kelsie while she was barely a month old in Abu Dhabi. We had frequent visits to Dubai as her Olama Melanie resides there.

At Dubai Mall for Olama Mel’s Birthday in April, 2020
At Dubai Mall with Mommy Hannah and Titas Jazzie & Jeal.

Still fresh in my memory are the early times I’ve spent with Jezziah. I love her almond eyes and blond hair like her Dad Josh. Zi is a great blend of her parents’ beauty.

Owa Judith fresh from UAE in year 2020 with Zi

Such a joy to see our Ziah growing up beautifully amidst health challenges. Thank God for all the blessings of wisdom upon her parents.

Travels with Kelsie and family have always been a delight. From UAE to Japan, Armenia and the USA.

Seeing our two princesses grow over the years makes me realize that our prayers and intentions for them are working out beautifully.

Ziah has the bearings of a beautiful Model. She knows how to pose on her own. Her Ninang Kethley Uy loves her presence with her ravishing SMILE
@ Sinag Studios Davao.
December 2023’s naturally-beautiful pose
Made Kelsie an acrostic {out of a cake box & other scraps) of her name before i flew back to the Philippines in November, 2023.
December 2021 Photo

As their grand mom, it’s my intention to see them grow in the strength of their inner being and see them fulfill their life purpose.

Owa Judith @ 60 singing with Lusha & Jaelah
Halloween in Maryland
Lovely FAMtime in Piney Run Park, Maryland, for Mommy Hannah’s Birthday

God’s every blessing our dear Kelsie and Jezziah as life unfolds before you with the love, care and guidance of the family you’ve been blessed with.

Happy and blessed 6th and 4th BIRTHDAY!

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