AMAZING & LOVEly BLOSSOMing on 02.20.2020

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

February 26, 2020

The FLOWERS outside the house gate in Abu Dhabi are starting to BLOOM after a looong wait, for almost three months..

When I arrived in AD last November 2019, the vividness is still stuck in my mind, this long BUNCH of Flowers was still FIST-like.

From then on, I would check for its development. The daily unfurling & unfolding seems so exciting.

I would talk & sing to the plant & enjoy the energy it has been emitting.

Instead of being frustrated & impatient for its blooms, I often tell myself to simply wait for their right time.

True enough, it DID BLOOM, in its beautiful pefect time, the moment we came back to Dubai from our trip to Armenia.

I had a little thought though, “why did it bloom in my absence?”

I realized that things come & dreams happen & anticipations are rewarded…at the perfect time…and at times, without you knowing it!.

No matter what it is we are hoping for, learn to let go of the need to control. We can never force things out.

PATIENCE is at work when we LEARN TO WAIT.

Are there questions in your life that remain unanswered or some goals that have not been reached yet?

Know that in its perfect time, questions are answered, ambiguities become clear & dreams & goals are reached & they happen in their own beautiful time.


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