Accepting the Unacceptable

Series of great news, exciting events, brief family reunion…looking forward to each and then…


One sad, disgraceful, disheartening and seemingly unacceptable news.

I OBSERVED keenly my emotions. React or Respond? I tried to check several times, I looked within.

Lo  and behold, the ‘thing’ that would have caused me to get angry, flare up and may have caused me to get hysterical made me breathe in and breathe out love and objective understanding instead.

Anyone and anything that surrounded me is never guilty of my emotions and each cannot be blamed  in any way.

I am fully responsible to take care of myself; to decide to accept the unacceptable without having to resist. Simply allowing things to happen is COURAGE without walls and ceilings nor floors.

In my 51 years of existence on this planet, I have come to learn to GLIDE into some engulfing  and sometimes life-threatening waves of despair, frustrations and sadness.  By doing so, I also  have  learned to value and appreciate calmness, peace and serenity which have now become RARE and EXPENSIVE COMMODITIES.

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Sheer Determination, Trusting in the Power of Dreams & Loving-Accepting-Believing in myself made me what I am today. I believe in the Purpose of my Life – to Inspire and bring Encouragement to people I am associating with.

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