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Who Am I?

Sheer Determination, Trusting in the Power of Dreams & Loving-Accepting-Believing in myself made me what I am today.

I AM what my Creator has planned for me.

A mom of four : Jason, James, Josiah & Joseph

A wife to Orville and a grand mom to Jared Orin J.O.

I believe in the Purpose of my Life – to Inspire and bring Encouragement to people I am associating with, to make manifest His encompassing Love, Light and Life.

A Public Speaker, consistent Outstanding Professor in the CASE & Graduate School Departments  of the University of Mindanao.

An elementary school English teacher

As a School Principal at Southpoint School, I believe in each student’s innate talents and capabilities, helping and teaching teachers to extract, bring out and hone these natural abilities.

Mindfulness of the Environment is one primordial concern that I also advocate.

  • Doctorate in Educational Management in year 2011 @ SouthWestern University in Cebu City.
  • Masters Degree in Teaching Language in 2003 @ the University of Mindanao
  • Bachelor in Elementary Education in 1998 @ the University of Mindanao
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Judith Cabradilla Bacarro is an imaginative & creative storyteller at heart. She may speak slowly, loudly, happily, angrily or whatever the needed emotions are asked in her sessions. She dances and she leaps and at times, to the little children’s surprise and fun, crawls and rolls on the floor. Whether she’s speaking to a room of preschoolers, elementary, high school, college, graduate/professional students, or even to teachers, administrators, parents or professionals, she has the ability to weave in the natural ebb and flow with the highs and lows of a story that takes her audience on an exciting and thrilling journey on their seats.

As a teacher, Judith works with small, medium and large groups of students. She is often well-remembered for her and others’ life experiences that remain in the hearts of her students- beyond the lessons and theories from books. She has been a consistent Outstanding Teacher from her college life up to the graduate/professional school. She willingly listens to the diverse stories of her students and even colleagues.

Judith hosts programs too: from weddings, anniversaries, debuts and the like. She can speak before crowds in schools, hotels, funerals and other programs. She is not intimidated with short notice of invitation for she always readily FLOWS with the need of the moment.

Judith speaks at seminars, trainings and workshops of students, teachers, parents, school administrators, offices and even in church groups. She incorporates singing in her speaking career. She believes that songs have their way of finding a beautiful place in the heart of her listeners. Once she was invited to speak to the faculty of a prominent private school after the owner had listened to her sermon in church. After her talk to the faculty, she was then offered to teach in the said school and thereafter conducted couples’ seminars in different school venues.

As a school principal, she does it with audacity, authority and empathy together with other school officials. She believes that she is growing in this area that these three values along with many others are necessary tools to uphold the integrity of the school and its constituents.

She believes that each student is a GIFT to the world that needs nourishment and nurture, not just from theories and lessons from books but as well as from everyone and everything around him including his environment – Mother Earth.

As President of an organization – Davao Association of Private School Administrators (DAPRISA), she does it with grace, wisdom and balance, together with the Board and officers who find it easy working with her- a real people-person. She believes in the power of teamwork and collaboration.

As Chief of Staff in one of the Life-changing seminars amongst professionals. She believes that whenever she is given the chance to do a particular task, she does it with an open heart and mind, willingly learning along with the learners and serving them with gladness of spirit as well.

What others say about Judith

Dr. Judith C. Bacarro has been conducting seminars/trainings with excellence to the Christian Life School Teaching Staff for several years now. Her vast knowledge and experience have a tremendous positive impact on the lives of our teachers. She exudes confidence and enthusiasm that makes her distinctly different.
Eugene Lopez, Owner, Christian Life School
She’s definitely one of the factors why Southpoint is one of the leading private schools here in Davao City for she continues to provide not only the academic expertise but the emotional IQ that students need for guidance and empathy at the age when they are confused, seeking their own identity.
Engr. Melchor & Mildred Albino, Southpoint School Parents
I have known Dr. Judith C. Bacarro for quite some time. She is the President of the Davao Private Schools and Administrators Association (DAPRISA) since 2014, while I am the Vice-President. I have a high regard on her for she never fails to exude grace, patience, optimism, and charisma, especially when dealing with our co-school administrators during meetings and special events. As a school administrator herself, it is needless to say that she has a gamut of responsibilities in her own institution, yet amazingly, she could still give equal time and priority to our association. I salute you, Dr. Judith, for steering our association well. May your tribe increase!
Ines P. Mallari, School Directress, Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School (PNJK-IS)
Knowing Judith was a privilege of experiencing her overflowing creativity, dynamism and uniqueness. She is a person with distinct personality, eclectic leadership and strong influence to create an impact in the academic community. I wish she continues to INSPIRE other people most especially the young ones to view the world as good and beautiful.
Dr. Anecito Maturan, Al Mergib University, Libya
A big thanks to our prof. Dr. Judith Bacarro as our Eng. 202- Speech class. Even though we are tired and sleepy during the last class in the evening at 8:30, we always look forward to come to her class on the 3rd storey. Thank you for being part of my journey in achieving my dreams. If there is a Nobel Prize for the Best Teacher, surely you will get one. You are such an amazing professor.
Neble Ilaya, RN, Aspiring CPA Student
Judith has been a friend and spiritual companion for about thirty-five years now. Our lives inter-weave, and she has gone through more than a fair share of “wounding” but she managed to transform these into wholeness. Her stories are worth listening to.
Ernesto C. Abella, M.Div., M.E., Founder, Southpoint School