An EMBLEM of Love, Strength, Grace and Generosity: A Tribute to our dear Ninang- Dra. Coronacion Ontoy Bacacao February 3, 1943-July 15, 2018

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

February 11, 2020

“Every person you touch is your LEGACY”

These words served as an eye-opener for Oprah—-the very words for her by a great spiritual guru-Maya Angelou.

As our dear late Ninang Coring Bacacao was recently remembered for her birthday last February 3, 2020 (would’ve been her 77th), I couldn’t help but cherish all those times we had shared together.

Reminiscing down Memory Lane.

I first heard her name from my own mother-in-law. They were kumares.

Ninang helped mamang’s giving birth to her youngest son.

I had had fond memories of Ninang as my Ob-gyne, mother and adviser.

We had the opportunity to know and see each other in church, life celebrations, cantatas and concerts.

These fond memories started during our wedding in 1984. Ninang Coring stood as one of our principal sponsors.

Towards the end of 1985, I began seeing her for my pre-natal visits. It was followed by countless visits to her clinic with my other three pregnancies.

Those times gave me the opportunity to be taken care of by her. We also talked about the joys and challenges of family life. She stood as my other mother with all her care and pieces of advice plus free sample vitamins and meds.

Her skilled and magical hands “mangunguot” as she termed it, helped me give birth to our four sons in different years.

My first delivery in 1986 was a bit of a challenge as it was a day where the drivers had a transport Strike and Ninang’s car wasn’t in running condition and she can hardly find a cab.

What amazed me was her commitment and dedication as she found ways by using the car of their neighbor for her to be with me on time at the hospital for my delivery.

During the birth of my second son, she stayed with me for several hours as she waited for regular dilation but decided to prick my bag of water as we waited long enough.

With my third delivery, I can’t forget her expression upon seeing my son, “super tisoy inyong baby boy!”

On the other hand, the most painful and challenging delivery was with my youngest as he was an 8-pounder. The residence doctor and other nurses were a bit worried with the position of my baby. Since it was December 31, Ninang Coring had to sacrifice her family’s New Year’s Eve celebration as she was with me.

She was such a pioneer and an expert in her field as the excruciating pain and difficulty I had struggled with was eased and addressed by all her instructions.

Thank God again for my 4th normal delivery thru Ninang.

When she heard that I was intending for tubal ligation, she convinced hubby to ask me to give space for one more year—to hopefully have a girl.

My decision for ligation was granted by Ninang though. Was more than happy, if not, our kids would have reached 8-10 (?)

After giving birth to all my four sons, I still visit her clinic from time to time for other gyne purposes.

In December 2016, I personally went to see her to invite her-weeks before the wedding of our second son.

The wedding was such a significant REUNION as she beamed with pride and joy to see my son-the groom and his bride. Ninang was instrumental in both their births on the same year-1988.

Consequently, we savored and cherished those great “panganak” memories with her, together with other mothers that she served as ob-gyne.

But life, in all its twists and turns, allowed experiences to come my way, experiences that I thought were beyond my capacity to embrace.

In year 2018, it was disheartening when we learned that Ninang had been sick, same with hubby.

In the midst of my hectic schedule, hubby and I found time to greet her on her 75th birthday celebration. It was beautiful and meaningful as we sang songs together. We worshipped God for all His faithfulness amidst pain and sickness.

We never expected that it was her last birthday on earth as she passed on five months after that birthday celebration at her condo.

July 15 2018 (exactly eight days after hubby transitioned) was remarkably unforgettable as my son accompanied me to visit Ninang Coring in the hospital. To our shock, the hospital guard told us that she already passed on.

The flowers supposed to be for her in the hospital were brought to Cosmo that night, hours before her body was ready for viewing.

A week after her death in July 22, I proceeded to Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes for my personal Tribute for Ninang. It was right after the Dedication of our princess.

During her Necrological Service, I happened to talk with relatives and friends. They shared their stories of Ninang’s love and generosity. They themselves had availed of her FREE SERVICES as ob-gyne.

I sighed silently and GRATEFULLY that our dear doctor & Ninang has truly lived a great life-serving pregnant women (church workers) for free of charge-that included me and countless others.

Back then when I learned that she was sick, I cannot help but ask, why her? She has been so loving, so generous and kind…why her?

I may not have received the answer to my question but one thing just dawned on me-SHE HAS FULLY LIVED HER LIFE PURPOSE!

In the midst of pain, she has wonderfully gained a highly-reputable life-passing it on to her next generations.

We may no longer have Ninang Coring in the physical realm but her legacy of love, strength, grace and generosity continues to live.

She is survived by her daughter, Dr. Myla Christie Bacacao-Lumagod, son-Michael and grandson-Eliel.

Speaking of Dr. Myla-she is more than blessed to have a loving and supportive husband, Ronald Lumagod. One answered prayer of Ninang for her daughter.

I am honored and grateful to have been part of your LEGACY our beloved Ninang-Dra. Coronacion Ontoy Bacacao.

My grandest SALUTE TO YOU!

Hubby Orville shares the same thing with you there… in HEAVEN.

Some photos grabbed from FB posts of Dr. Myla.

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