A ravishing gift to the family-Elisha

Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

January 24, 2021

Behold the coming of a promised gift!

Simply ravishing !

Long before I met Elisha, she was already in my “womb of creation” for my 3rd son-Josh.

Yes, creations come to Reality in its perfect time, another precious and priceless gift is added to the family.

Elisha is so blessed as the only daughter to her great loving and supportive parents, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund & Maria Grace Piamonte.

Happy together in each other’s arms

Blessed by her dancing prowess, Elisha became part of the University of Mindanao’s Makabayan Dance Troupe during her college days.

She’s always BEST at her CRAFT

Because of her dancing skills, she was invited as one of the judges during a program in Southpoint School.

Our lovely judge

Our first meeting in April, 2018 was indeed grand-@ The Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi. It was such a momentous day to have finally met the lady my son chose for himself.

I readily told her “you are prettier in person.”

Momentous Day

Th grandiosity of the The Grand Mosque speaks of the enormous plans of an Almighty who chooses to bless us beyond our wildest dreams.

Wonderful indeed are His ways. Thanks for making this meeting possible my dear James and Hannah

Our second meeting was very heartwarming and touching. Elisha decided to come home from UAE primarily to be with Josh-on the last wake of his dad (along with her other reasons). That was a big surprise. I can’t seem to believe my ears, during the last wake of hubby, when my older sister told me of such news. (Apparently, they were already chatting beforehand.)

Elisha, right from Davao Bangoy Airport went straight to the venue of the wake. Her mom and Josh met her at the import.

Happy to have her during the interment, to ease Josiah’s grief and bring comfort to the family.

Our first family photo with Elisha, hours after hubby’s interment

Consequently, during important dates, Elisha simply comes like a “genie of the universe” to offer a much much needed help/company.

After exactly a month of hubby’s transition, she volunteered to drive me to my workplace in the absence of my son due to work. It was a great time of simply chatting freely, beginning to know each other. I was misty-eyed realizing that as hubby left, one beautiful addition in the family is coming in.

Such a joy to have started knowing her

Hubby only met Elisha once, (first and last meeting) before or after our Boracay trip. She greeted and blessed the hand of hubby and that was it. Daddy happily told me, “naa ma’y nagbless sa akong hand love, guapa baya, tingali sweetheart to ni Josh.

We didn’t get to meet her as she already flew to Abu Dhabi the next day.

Another remarkable time was during our first wedding anniversary (me being alone-without Orville), Elisha readily availed herself to accompany me to Master C’s—Ryan Cayabyab’s concert in Davao.

She was really meant to be with me & Master C

It was an unforgettable time of relaxing with the great songs of Master C along with other artists and dinner with them thereafter.

With Master C, Elisha, Dr. Aileen & Sir Alvin Elorde with his brother and wife

Thanks and appreciation to Dra. Aileen Elorde’s invite. Her thoughtfulness and her husband’s goes beyond words.

Lish is such a great dancer. I personally saw her informal yet adorable dance steps during her 2019 birthday celebration held in Dahilayan. Mind you, may pinagmanahan siya, her Mama Bebs, who, at her age, showed her distinct dance grooves.

Fun-filled time in Dahilayan as we were all embraced by the glorious energy of Mother Nature. It was remarkable as well as it marked the breakthrough in zip line experience of her parents- Bebs and Edmund together with Daden.

Elisha’s lovely Birthday in the woods

Months after, Josh celebrated his 27th birthday in Balibali, all of us were more excited of the second part…

Beautiful Birthday celebration @ Bali Bali Resort

It’s a 2-in-1 celebration. We were all clad in yellow outfit.

Josh & Elisha’s were bought in Bali, Indonesia as gifts from me kasi excited si Mommy.

The sun, sky, sea , greens and infinity pool witnessed this LOVE-filled day-
The Proposal

Josh’s proposal to Elisha made his 27th birthday more momentous and unforgettable.

Hence, their wedding was a great show of favor with God and with men. Everything simply aligned—-the date, time & officiating judge. Thanks to dear Mother Grace for all the favors shown to her and our couple.

It was a swift orchestration of the universe. Even the venue for their reception says it all- Du nom Dei – “Gift of God.”

Beautiful photo by Kethley Uy

Starting a family is never that easy. Josh and Elisha continue to choose to strengthen the bond of their relationship with the love and grace of the Almighty. They gracefully thrive in the midst of seemingly insurmountable challenges as they learn that possibilities happen to those who believe in themselves and in their dreams.

Holding on together

Both love to sing. They can do solo or duet. Their eyes simply glow in love as they do it together.

One fine day @ Chemas by the Sea

Elisha’s coming to our family thru Josh yielded one precious gift to us in the midst of pandemic thorns- our CROWNing Glory baby- Jezziah Lusha. Ziah chose to be born at the starting month of the lockdown in year 2020. Her birth depicted so much Life, Hope, Strength, Resilience, Fortitude and Trust, inspiring each one to thrive in the midst of adversity.

A priceless gift

Like Mary of old, Elisha responded “Be it unto me, according to your word” as she was chosen of such role and responsibility of motherhood to their firstborn and to the next ones…

More than happy to have you Elisha & Jezziah in the family

May you continue to yield to the divine plan in your daily life experiences.

THANK YOU for the GIFT of YOU our dear Elisha. We are blessed to have you in our family.

Thank you to your dear parents Pads Edmund and Mareng Bebs who have loved, nurtured, disciplined and supported you over these years.

We all love you.

May this little Birthday Gift remind you that you are an awesome, intelligent and beautiful BEING of Love and Light!

Continue to live a life of GRATITUDE as it unfolds so much meaning in life.


Some photos grabbed from Elisha’s & Josh’s FB accounts

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