Judith Cabradilla Bacarro

February 17, 2024

Happy, Grateful & Blessed for the privilege of stepping into my Diamond Jubilee year.

Thanks & Appreciation to my dear 4J sons & wives, siblings, nieces, my kumares and kumpadre, Southpoint School, AMORE, FriensiPALS, PriFe & RICHarge families, friends, relatives & everyone in my Circle for all the loving support you’ve shown me over the years.

Super THANKS ODS Productions for beautiful clicks
M.A. Event Productions for grandiose decor
Woks of Life Davao for great catering services
Venue: Southpoint School
Make up: Sherryluz & Lyza
Bouquet: Sherryluz & Jason
To my dear youngest Joseph for spearheading the set up despite distance.
To the Source around me & within me, I give you praises, glory & honor for this privilege of LIVING on Planet Earth.

Sunflowers speak so much of vibrancy, beauty , hope and glory.
Happy for this gift of family
My dear James, Hannah, Kelsie & Philip celebrating with me from the USofA
My dear Josiah celebrating with me from Australia
To everyone and everything I am blessed with, my heartfelt and warmest THANKS.

Over the years, I have been blessed with families and communities. Thanks to my dear siblings, nieces, Southpoint School, AMORE Community, PriFe International Philippines, FriendshiPALS and other friends who joined me in celebrating this milestone.

Special THANKS to my dear James for ‘resurrecting’ my website.

Heartfelt THANKS to my dear Joseph & Lyza who played a KEY role in this celebration. It’s Joseph who initiated to give me a ‘debut’. The older brothers collaborated with him.
More than Happy & Blessed for my PriFe International Family celebrating with me: Crown Ambassadors Gloria Cuaresma, Christian & Jasmin Baluran, Chief Training Officer Nathan Demecillo & WeCare Academy Dean Faithlyn Grace Demecillo
With other January Bday celebrators
Thanks dear Teacher Keziah for saying YES to hosting my celebration
My ever-supportive siblings over these years
Thanks dear Sherryluz for your love & all-out support. I so love my Sunflower bouquet.
With my dear Bong & Jen, my travel agents for my local and international trips
Am more than blessed with my three daughters from other mothers
(insert Hannah)
With our Southie singers, dancers and athletes
Thanks AMORE Community for your LOVE
Remembering my late hubby Orville and Dra.-Ninang Coring who had played important roles in my existence.

My first blog after a long hiatus.

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